The epidemic :
About 43 million American women do not Enjoy sex at all.

In the television program of the biggest of the American communication television.
Mrs. Ophera Winfry In the 10/28/2000 on Friday, in the hour 21.00 - 21.50, in the Israeli channel (24) METV, channel of the middle East.

This program was dealing for 50 minutes about problems of sexuality of the American women. This program based on studies and statistics that were edited in the gynecologist clinics and sexology Laboratory in the United States.

According to this program a huge number of these women arrived to these clinics with 2 Major complaints :
A. They are not successful getting an orgasm and their sexual relation and satisfaction with their men is hopeless.

B. Women that they don't have any desire to have sex, or any sexual needs whatever, and they are worried to compare their sexual needs with the sex needs of men, and also that men have a healthy orgasm.

This subject is very traumatic to the couple. On this background starts quarrels between the MAN and his Woman. In this program participated a number of doctors and experts advisers.

These doctors and experts advisers tried to help the couples that is in crisis of their marriage, that was threatened to end their marriage.

In this program we find out a bad data that concerned the experts in this program. Thanks to the study that took place in the clinics and the sexology center in the United States that.

Reported on 43 million American women that do not enjoy sex. These women are evasive in any possible way to have sex with their husbands.

The husbands complaint that they do not succeeded to understand what happened to their Women.

The men ask why women postpone and reject them, evade and ignored them at any time they were interested in sex relation.

There are reports that married women did not fulfill sexual relations with their husband for many years. These women do not know how to return to their sex life and to the duality with their husbands.

In response to these problems the experts tried to give an advise in order to prevent the frustration and angers that were created between the mates, and all this happens in order to prevent a divorce.

43  million American Women are almost all the Women in the U.S.A. that are ready to have sex relation.

In the year   2000  all the American nation population arrived to the total number of   281,420,000   million people MEN Women and children.

Suppose that it's possible to split all the population to
3  groups , and therefore 281,420,000 million people will include :

A. The first group will include  93,806,666   million old people that their majority will not fulfil sex.

B. The second group will include  93,806,666   million Children and youths that their majority will not fulfil sex.

C. The third group will include  93,806,666   million MEN and Women that can and are ready to establish sex.

This total group include MEN and Women. If we will distribute this group to  2  separate groups, a separate group of MEN, and a separate group of Women :

A. The group of MEN is total  46,903,333   million MEN.

B. The group of Women is total  46,903,333   million that they are Women.

We succeeded to isolate the number of American women that can arrive to a sexual satisfaction, and also they have sexual healthy needs.

When we subtract  43  million Women that do not enjoy or do not need sex from the total amount of  46,903,333  million Women that are ready to have sex, we will receive the amount of  3,903,333   million Women that it might be that they enjoy sex.


(-)   minus


__________________  (=)  equal


Women, this is the group of Women in United States that are ready to establish sex.

(-)   minus

Women, the group of Women that reported according to the study that they do not enjoy sex, or that they don't have desire and sexual needs.

We are left only with
Women, a small group of all the Women in United States that it might be that they have gratification from sex, and it might be that they have desire and sexual needs according to their report.

According to decomposition of groups of the population we find out that :

A.  3,903,333   million from all the American Women, that they are   8.32 %   percent from all the American women that it might be that they enjoy good healthy sex.

B.  43   million from the American Women that they are   91.68 %   percent that are the remaining of the American women that do not enjoy healthy sex and do not have any sexual needs, we are actually speaking on most of the population of the American Women in the U.S.A.

This is the biggest problem that causes the majority of married couples to divorce in the western world.

We have to make an additional study that will provide an important additional questions about women that do not have sexual needs or do not enjoy sexual relations :

A. This datum is very important because we Need to determine what is the percentage of women that enjoy good sexual relations and that did not appear on the OPHRA WINFRY T.V. program.

B. The question is If women from age 25 can experience orgasm, and if they have any possibility that they have sexual needs whatever. Or that these qualities is limited only to the very young girls that not yet gave birth to children.

C. The group of the women that enjoy sex have to be examine for a period of 20 years at least, in an attempt to try and to determine how many times they enjoyed sex, and in what capacity during one or two Years ?

If for an example the experts will come to a conclusion that after 3 years the Woman stop to enjoy good healthy sex.

It might be that they will be able to obtain a solution in an attempt to extend and to continue women gratification in sex relations.

D. It might be recommended that a married man could get sex other than his wife, that will help the husbands to provide their sexual needs ells where with another woman. It would be clear to the husband that his wife can not provide his sexual needs any more for ever.

E. These women is passing from the group of women that enjoyed sex to the sector of women that can't enjoy sex, and they don't have any sexual needs whatever.

There is no use to try and to request these sexually disabled women to establish sex with their husbands.

The husband can not force his wife to have sex with him because :
It is not human, it is a sexual exploitation and it is against the law to force your wife to demand sex from her.

This is an unequal situation were the husband enjoyed sex and leave his wife frustrated and sad.

The important thing that this marriage will not continue in the future. These Women will not be able to provide their husbands with warmish sex or any sex at all.

This type of western marriage is limited to a short time, not like in the past where marriage last 60 years or more.

Society experts have to fined new solutions and new ideas how to continue the duality between men and women in the year 2000.

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