It is about time to tell the truth that the sexual revolution never happened in our generation.

There is no doubt that we have to settle a new social and familial situation that will try to put some harmony and peace between men and women, and save families from collapse and divorce.

The reason that sexual revolution never happened because the deceit and the lie has no feet and can not produce orgasms and sexual needs.

In our generation medicine and experts invested formidable efforts from all over the country and in the world to find a solution to the sexual revolution.

All of them together tried to provide the demands of this sexual revolution that never happened. This sex revolution can not happened because an average men up to the age 70 enjoys more than 4000 orgasms on the average in all his sexual life , and his sexual needs.

How it's possible to compare the sexual needs of the MAN to a Woman. The sexual revolution can not change the biological different structure between men and women. There is no hope for these women that fills frustrated and disappointed and do not understand what is wrong with them.

All the world screams sex, sex, sex from every publicity from every movie T.V or cinema from the magazines sit. The commentators in the programs of T.V radio or press and all of them are speaking about sex.

Only the poor Woman does not feel anything and does not have any sexual desire or excitement. Nothing happen, there are no "sparks" there are no "lightning" and simple nothing from nothing does not happen.

Women invest so much in :
fostering their body, and their face, they listen to every program that can advised them to be better. I am sure that they are trying the same way to improve their sex life, unfortunately nothing happened in spite of their wishes.

That's how women develop a feeling of sexual disability in their brain and in their soul inward.

The woman mistakenly thinks, that if it happens that women enjoy sex, "why i do not feel anything at all, probably something is not right in a, certain limb, or several limbs do not function duly" and to call it in ENGLISH it is sexual disability.

We have to estimate in the exact way of the destruction that caused the sexual revolution.

How it might be that women participated in all the medical studies lied and deceit the researchers

Why had to cover up during period of a century and lie to researchers and the doctors that tried to explored their sexuality for 3 generations
(a generation a period a 30 years).

What caused them to lie. What they thought to obtain in these lies. How many times they think to conceal the truth. When will they explore the truth. After the truth would reveal, what price they would have to pay.

How it might happened that doctors and explorers were partners in so many lies for so many years

If the researchers knew the truth, why they agreed to participate in studies and articles, radio and television programs and more and more, during 100 years, who impulse them and what they gained from it.

If the researchers didn't know the truth and the women simply cheated lied and led them disapprove. It might be these professionals are incompatible to deal with the study and in medicine at all. A Doctor that lies is dangerous to the public.

Is it possible that in the future the researchers and women will continue cooperation to lie and to deceit the public.

It is very interesting if also in the future we will continue to hear on :
Studies and statistics, about women that describe experiences of their orgasm and the " G " point in their vagina, and maybe also a chain of orgasm. Personal i like to hear that women enjoy sex much more than men.

There is an adage that says that it is impossible to lie to all the people in the world, all the time. The lie has no legs and even he can't produce so many orgasms.

This phenomenon is rare in the 33 % percent of the women sector only. All the rest of the women (66 % percent) never experienced orgasm with a MAN, and they probably will never experience it with a MAN.

If researchers will continue to lie, and continue to deceit we will never find a scientific development that we will be able to change this situation. Impossible and improbable to find solutions to women if they continue to lie along with the researchers and experts.

In a country that is developed medically and exploratory like United States there are so many problems of sexuality to women, What happens in the countries less developed, most of the countries in the world are less developed.

Why medicine in the year 2000 has no ability to help the sexual problems of women.

It might be that medicine is ashamed that it did not succeed to create a sexual equality.

Instead misled all of us in false research that was never proven. They created a sexual revolution that was not coexisted only in their disorderly imagination only. This was their aspiration but it was not the reality.

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