The sexual pressure

The woman gets her period once a month. It happens automatic also while she sleeps. Then a process of ovulation happens. An ovule of the woman exits the ovary and moves in the ovule-trumpet towards the uterus (womb).

In case a fertilization by man's sperm does not happen, the ovule would be pushed out from the uterus (womb) out side the body automatic where the woman can not intervene in this process. All of this sexual process happens automatic with out any need of orgasm or any sexual needs of any sexual pressure from any side.

In contrast with the man. This process of a departure of cell sperm is not so simple, the sperm can be pushed-out only by having sex or masturbation.

What is the difference between the cell sperm and every remainder of the other cells in the body

Every cells in the body is destined to serve and to maintain the body, brain cells are destined to maintain the brain. And cellular bone is destined to maintain the bone. Whereas the cellular sperm are unlike any cell in body and they don't have any specific role in man's body , except for fertilizing of the ovule of the Woman.

The Cellular sperm is destined to be pushed-out, and fertilizing the ovule of the Woman. To build and create life, similar progeny to their parents.

The cell sperm fight to survive, in the MAN'S body in order not to die

Every Cellular in the body is destined to serve the body and later to die, after the death the cell is removed from the body. Instead of every cell of the same cell that dies, there is a cell that exchanges it.

The Cellular sperm are unlike to the remainder of the cells [cells remainder] that is in the body, they don't have any role in the MAN'S body , and they start their lives Only in the body of a Woman.

This is their role this is their task. Under a microscope we can see several cells sperm that these cells are strong fast, and determined to execute their task at any condition.

All the power determination the quick move, and the resolution of the cells sperm feels the MAN every day. There is not one day of rest in which these cells rest, and they have three roles :

A. To annoy the MAN as much as possible in order that the man will surrender the Cellular sperm in his testes, and go to masturbate or to have sex, until they will be released from the testes.

B. In The second role the man searches all the time for new opportunities that will enable him to continue and to vacate a place in the testes for new Cellular sperm. The man is looking all the time to find an additional women in order to be able to have sex, and at the end he will released more and more cells sperm in the future.

C. So occurs an infinite war between cellular sperm and the MAN, that results in an intensive search of mates in order to alleviate the pressure in the testes.

What causes pain in the testes

This phenomenon that is familiar to all MAN happens for one reason only. If the MAN is sexually arouse he starts to pushed-out fluid of the sperm. This fluid will transparent and not contain in general cellular sperm.

The combination of cellular sperm sends electric neural signals from the brain, and is telling us that the imprisoned cellular sperm in the testes is giving us a simple message :
be prepare to departure from the testes. This vigorous activity happen in the testes and that is all their duty.

The Cellular sperm is sent pass a conduit sperm and will be put across a few more glands of fluid of sperm, and will be placed out of the penis.

A. If the cellular sperm will be lucky they will penetrate the channel of birth of the Woman and maybe will create a pregnancy.

B. If the cellular sperm will not be lucky, the cellular sperm will end their lives like in a case of masturbation.

In cases that sexual activity began, the role to release cellular sperm delayed few minutes or hours in which the sexual activity was not finished. The result will be strong pain in the testes and in many cases it would be hard on the MAN to do simple action like:
walking, sitting, thinking, concentrating, and makes the man restless.

The strong pain in the tests can be continue a few minutes or more. It's possible to see in this pain somewhat like punishment to MEN. The Body simply punishes the MAN thereon that he began in the sex act and never released cellular sperm .

This is the reason and the punishment that is not clear to the body, to the testes or to the cellular sperm, where the sexual activity started, and at the same time suddenly the sexual activity ends with out having an orgasm. Then starts a process of pressure that reaches from the testes to the brain.

Clear that cellular sperm will die, and will not achieve by the attainment of a creation of a new life.

The two most important Phenomena process of man sexuality are :
punishment and Retribution

There is no way to convince the man to have sex with women, unless the couple is going to have babies for the next generation. There for the two most important phenomena are :
A. Retribution reward in having sex by strong sexual and enjoying orgasm, that happened only after the cellular sperm will exit out from the testes.

B. The punishment:
If the man do not have sex two or three days he start to suffer from pressure in the testes. No mater if the man found a woman that agrees to have sex or any Other reasons like:
if the man is in a bad mood, or suffers from illness.

The process of production of cellular sperm

Every day are produced in healthy testes hundred millions of cellular sperm. In the Process of production of the cellular sperm takes a length number of days. Until the cellular sperm are ready and ripe to fill their role :
A. To swim from the vagina to the trumpet of the Woman until the meeting of the ovule with the cell sperm.

B. From the moment that the cell sperm meet the ovule, they fight for their life in order to penetrate into the ovule.

Sex appeal what attracts MAN to a WOMAN

After two or three days in which the MAN are nonexistent sex, starts to create pressure in the testes, And the reason is so simple, to the hundred millions of cellular sperm there is not a way to leave the testes and the body of the MAN, and they start to accumulate in the testes.

Every day join a few more hundred millions of new cellular sperm.

The MAN body has not an efficient way to remove cellular sperm from the testes, that they still good and proper, And to vacate a place to the young new cells that was created in the last two hours.

There is a possibility that MAN'S body is built so, that he will not remove cellular sperm that they are healthy by it self, and this in spite of that there is not a vacancy in the testes for new cellular sperm, that's how pressure on the testes are created.

The testes continue to manufacture hundred millions of cellular sperm and be renewed every day, and as such to create a pressure in the testes. The constrain MAN is pressured to have sex or to masturbate, and that's how he release the sexual pressure.

The admission of massive hundred millions of cellular sperm are renewed every day. Compared with slow annihilation of old cellular sperm, that part of them are good, and part of them already are not good. There for it creates a tremendous pressure in the testes.

If for example in every day are produced two hundred million cellular sperm, and in every day there were removed two hundred million new cellular sperm. There was unlikely no pressure in the testes.

But if in every day for example produced two hundred million cellular sperm, Whereas only one hundred million cellular sperm are destroyed by the body and are removed from the testes, and make room for new cell sperm in the testes, here already created congestion that creates the sexual pressure.

In a situation like this the only possibility for men is to release the pressure in the testes is to release the hundred million cellular sperm that are trap in the testes. Only in this case the departure of cellular sperm and sperm fluid brings the MAN tranquility and relaxation.

The structure of cellular sperm

A. We can see under the Microscope that their is a strong movement of cellular sperm. In their ability is to swim a tremendous distance in relation to their size.

B. In their ability of the cell sperm to fight with other cellular sperm, and with many obstacles in the vagina of the Woman.

C. In their ability after traveling a long distance, to penetrate the wall of the cell and the ovule of the woman and than to start to split and create a new life.

This is the only way to estimates the pressure and the pain that hundred millions of cellular sperm in the testes, can cause. In addition to fluids of the sperm that are other that found by the different glands that assemble fluid of the sperm that causes the pain in the testes.

The pressure in the testes is passed to the brain

The pressure in the testes is passed to the brain by means of the nerve system that is placed from the testes by the spinal column until a certain area in the brain, that receive these clear strong messages, and know how to translate the pressure of dead cellular sperm . This pressure creates in the MAN the sexual impulse, and the desire to establish sex.

A MAN that fulfils sex ones in two days , guards a balance between the admission of cellular sperm that are new, and the departure of cellular sperm that are old, this is a very healthy situation to MAN and to the testes. This balance will not create any pressure in the testes.

But if he does not fulfill sexual relations steadily and in the frequency that is essential and necessary :
A. This situation of pressure, pain and unending hunger for sex will push the MAN to establish sex. If he wants and also if he does not want, yes definitely also against his desire.

B. The MAN has no choice and he starts to chase girls, in order to have sex.

C. This chase will continue also in the future and his goal is to insure that the MAN that required sex should not have pressure and pain of the testes in the future.

Men say in a simple language
"I should get lay or have sex in order to release the pressure of the swollen testes"

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