The two most important sexual phenomena in a man body are :
Reward and Penalty.

There is no way to convince a MAN to have sex with a Woman, thing that he will bring new borne babies and a new generation therefore these are the two most important phenomena in a MAN :

A. Reward :

The MAN is rewarded by strong sexual and enjoyable excitement, it's called orgasm. It takes place only with the sperm and its expense from the body out.

B. In Penalty :

In case the MAN does not fulfill sex once in two or three days, he will suffer from pressure in the testes. It does not matter if the MAN did not find a Woman that will agree to have sex with him, or that he chose not to have sex from his own initiative. There are other reasons that he could not have sex like :
bad mood, illness or he could not find a woman to have sex.

The man's body has an elaborate system of reward and penalty

If the man respects the basic needs of his body he will be rewarded and the body already will give him good feeling. In case the man do not respect the basic needs of his body, the body has ways to cause the man a great distress that he will not be able to continue to refuse the body's needs.

The ways of the punishment of the body will not enable the man to continue and to function, until he will full fill every needs of his body fully.

Example :
A. Nutrient and drinking :
if we will not provide the body nutrient and the essential fluids, the body immediately will indicate us that he needs help. later In stage if we will continue to ignore these demands, the body will react to a point where he would be weaken and a sensation of vertigo will appear.

B. In Material nutrient, sugars appointed :
Undoubtedly If we will provide the body with sugar or chocolate that in this case the body will reward us in a numerous gratification.

But if we will not provide the body with sugars and minerals that is required, it will appear within time a great sensation of a debility of exhaustion , or the ability in the immunity system of the body will be hurt, thing that will cause the man a lot of diseases.

C. The deed of the needs :
the body signals us that he should vacate fluids or solid, and it will give us sensation of pressure in for example :
the pocket of the urine or strong pressure in the bowels.

If we will associate an action with the body it rewarding us by the sensation of alleviation of these pressure we will fill much better and we function much normal.

If we will refuse to cooperate with the body it will punish us with out mercy and will unable us to function, until we will fulfill all of his desires. The body always defeats us in all the struggles, and in the end always, always it will compelled to execute all his needs, if we want or if we do not want.

The fear and refusal to the body's needs

The most important phenomenon What interests us is in this stage of the MAN or Woman they will not be able to concentrate in any subject, and their brain will deal only in one subject how to provide the body nutrient or drinking and how get out from the pressure that the body operates on us.

After we will provide the body all his needs it will appear good pleasant feeling that in which the body indicate us that it is content.

This brings us to the subject of reward and the penalty that will be learned this rate several times and never to abandon our body without nutrient and without fluids, because we know in a very clear way how the body will punish us and constrain us, to provide every demand, to satisfy our desire and needs.

So was created the fear of not to be hunger or thirsty, and it is very important that part of the day is dedicated to search for a good restaurant or nutrient and drinking that are good, and meticulous guarding on number of meals a day more or less steady.

In very rare cases the man can rebel against the body's demands to refuse to eat or to drink fluids. In result at the end the man must die.

The researchers erred when they thought that the MAN establishes sex only for (their delight or for) the distribution of his genes

A very similar thing happens to MAN, that fears from the situation that he will not obtain a spouse to establish with her sex, because if he will not have sex, he actually rebels the sexual needs of his body.

By chance like this it is very clear to him how the body will reward him, or heaven forbid will punish him. In a case like this the action of the body is very simple :
A. In the mental situation:
All day the MAN thinks about sex, all day he fantasizes on women of nudity how he will tempt them, what he will offer them and how he will deal with all the blocks that they will impose on him. Part of the thoughts will continue to appear also at night.

B. In the physical situation:
Pain and pressure in the testes, erections of the sex organ that they will cause the MAN to the bewilderment in the public, departure of fluid of sperm (it is not cellular sperm, or orgasm) from the penis in the aftermath continuous activation of the sexual system in the brain and stains the underpants in the oily sticky fluid of sperm.

The body of the man is not interest in any explanation and requires his needs without any compassion

A. The body is not interest, if we have money to acquire a nutrient or beverage. The body is not interest if we are healthy enough in an attempt to execute the action of eating or the action of the drinking.

B. The body is not interest, if there is not men's room in the area to the deed of the needs (bowels movement) or if we are exactly in the middle of business, important meeting or during a ball game. The body needs to execute it's demands.

C. The body also is not interest if there is enough air in the area or clean oxygen. Our body stands on it is demands to provide him oxygen to breath.

D. Also in the subject of sex the body is not lenient (forgiveness) with regard to the MAN. It is too bad that the body is not lenient also with regard to the Woman. If women's body would constrain also to have sex like a men, it would be possible that the sexual equality would take place.

There is no chance that men's body will try to understand that maybe there are no women in the area, and maybe the MAN does not have money to go to a prostitute, and maybe the MAN fears psychological from women, or that he feels sick and truly needs time for a recuperation.

All these explanations does not interest the men's body, and even severe from it the body never asks any questions, it simply punish without questions and without answers, only punishes the man for not full filling it's needs.

The descriptive distribution of "SPREADING THE GENES" is a theory that is incorrect

In the base of this theory stands the idea that MAN like every other mammal in nature fulfils sex in an attempt to circulate and spread his genes. It is very easy to smash this theory.

In all the cases that we will mark, the MAN or the mammal pour his sperm by knowledge that he will not spread his genes and will not father his progeny or new borne. These resultant sex is only from his sexual needs
for example :
A. A MAN that has oral sex or anal sex will not bring progeny.

B. MAN That masturbates or mammals that masturbate like dog or apes, or sex relations between homosexuals also will not bring children,.

C. MAN that uses contraceptive or MAN that knows that the Woman uses resources like these clear to him that he will not create a pregnancy.

D. An average man has 4000 orgasms during all his sex life. It takes a 100 orgasms to have 2 or 3 children. Why after spreading his genes he continues his sex life.

Another question, 4000 orgasms minus 100 orgasms for having children leaves us with 3900 orgasms that is not explained according to the wrong theory of

E. In contrast to the wrong theory of "SPREADING THE GENES" in most cases modern men do not want to SPREAD THEIR GENES.

This theory is full of cracks and does not represent any modernization or any usefulness at all. This theory will exchange the new studies on the sexual needs of the MAN
[ from the website WWW.ROXET.ORG ].

Only in one condition cellular sperm can exit from the testes without having physical sex

Most of the youths the sexual system develops quickly. As a result the teenage boys, they expense their sperm at night during sleep. This special phenomenon enable the cellular sperm of the youth to leave the testes during their dreams or by sexual thinking.

This is a single case which cellular sperm can exit from the testes without having sex. After the youth is adolescent the sexual system changes to be mature and more stable. It will not enable the cellular sperm to exit from the testes without a sexual act.

How "traffic jam" of ceil sperm was created in the testes

In a Woman the ovulation happens in an automatic way. In a western Woman the departure of the ovule from the uterus happens every 28 days if the cycle is proper.

In a Japanese or east Asian Woman the average of the ovule exits every 30 days. All this sexual process happen automatic, with out the women having any needs for sex or having any orgasm.

In contrast men system do not work automatically, and no sperm cell will leave the testes if an orgasm will not take place.

Every day created in the man testes between 100 - 200 million new cellular sperm that don't have vacancy in the testes. In an attempt that there will be vacancy, should the cellular sperm that are old to vacate a new place for the new cellular sperm.

In a situation that will not happen an orgasm, very soon the sexual system of the MAN will be clogged, if old cellular sperm will not exit from the testes it will create a bottle neck of a "traffic jam" of new cellular sperm that remained without a vacancy.

Which reactions create the traffic jam on the road :
it creates a great danger to life

When a driver enters the traffic jam, appears in him several clear signs :
A. Reactions of:
anger pressure tension and nerves that are translated to the use of the horn blower of the car, to the cries and aggressiveness with regard to his car himself and with regard to other drivers.

B. In this situation the driver has a strong desire that the "traffic jam" will open and the traffic movement will start to flow.

C. There is a little percentage of drivers that will try to exit from the "traffic jam" in every way and at any cost. They will try to pass "Illegal traffic signs" at any cost and they will hazard their lives and the life of other drivers and their passengers.

Also they will hazard the lives of the travelers that in the adjacent vehicles to them. These drivers will try to execute violations such as :
    1. Journey on the outskirts of the road, or to try to get off the road and from the outskirts to the open field if they have a jeep or (4 x 4) vehicle.

    2. An exchange of pathways is also dangerous in order to progress a few more feet in order go ahead.

    3. Entering forcibly to the jammed junction and her decisive blockage.

    4. If the driver is really pressed for time to an important meeting then he will pass also a stop sign and red light.

All these violations came as an effect from pressure in which the driver,
hazard their lives and the life of their passengers.

Also they will hazard the lives of the travelers that in the adjacent vehicles to them.

What a relief and joy feels the driver, it is very similarly to a MAN after having sex

When the movement of the "traffic jam" begins to flow, the driver would sense happiness and alleviation.

There is an appalling imagination between the clearance of the traffic jam on the road, and cellular clearance of the sperm in the testes of the man. In the two of the cases end the big pressure by the sensations of happiness and alleviation.

To nutrient fluids and sex the body relates and reacts as danger to man's life

Without nutrient or fluids the body reacts in a very clear way. The body relates as if it is dangerous to the existence of life.

Also to the subject of sex, the MAN body relates in the same way. Without sex wouldn't happen a departure of cellular sperm , in a situation like this cellular the sperm are doomed to the death and annihilation with their aging.

The body sees as a loss of million cellular sperms that did not exited from the testes and will be destroyed. The loss and death of million cells sperm that there was to them a potential and good possibility of new life.

Therefore the body sees the MAN guilty because the man did not let the cellular sperm to exit out from the testes and to give to cell sperm a chance and a possibility to create new living creatures.

Actually the MAN caused to the annihilation of every Descendant that has potentials to start lives in the future. This is definitely a danger of life.

Therefore the body will fight the MAN in an attempt not kill hundred of million cellular sperms every day, that will give them a chance to a new life.

The body and the cellular sperm require from the MAN the basic right to continue to live and not to die.

There will never be a comprehension between men and women about sex, because men have big sexual needs.

Even good communication and good relations can not cause the couple to understand one each other. The MAN lives and thinks like a MAN and the Woman lives and think like a woman.

It just like a healthy man can not understand the sensations of the disabled man, and the way in which he thinks and views the world.

Also the MAN can't understand the pain of a period cycle of a woman , and certainly he can't understand the pain at the time of birth, or what is her sensation of the formidable pains during the course of birth
and this in spite of that he stands next to his Woman and helps her with the birth. Still he is not able to understand what really happens, and he will remain the perplexed observer.

So also the Woman is not able and can't understand which sexual formidable pressures goes through the MAN every day, and every hour.

This part is unadvised to women, advisable to pass to the next page

Woman has a sexual system of reward and penalty :
The pregnancy and the cycle of the period

According to Judaism Woman during the period cycle she is impure :
during the period time in addition of 7 days, her husband will not aloud to have sex with his wife.

Approximately half of the month he is forbidden to touch her. In the Jewish faith in these days, also the beds in the bedroom of the mates are apart.

When a Woman enters pregnancy :
about 9 months she can have sex, and then her husband enjoys the sex in all of the 9 months.

If the Woman obeys to the demands of her body she will be rewarded of her pregnancy

A. After about 9 months she will have a cute little boy or a sweet little girl.

B. In all of the 9 months the Woman will not have a bad experience and suffering of the monthly period.

When the Woman does not obeys to the demands of her Body she will be punish at the time of her period

A. Pains of the period cycle are strong that most of the women it will cause to the debility by a belly aches, bad fillings. A Some women the period cycle is hard in particular and it called the "syndrome preceded menstrual".

These women are helped by psychiatric peels in an attempt to prevent hysterics phenomena of: hysterical weeping of depressions , or anger that in bad cases will lead them to hit and abuse her children or her husband.

B. Woman's system punishes her including the ovule of the woman that could be a potential and possibility to change to a live fetus, but was wasted.

This potential and possibility were wasted and live cells ended their life. All the sperm cells and the blood vessel that consisted walls of the uterus that was prepared to absorb the ovule if the ovule would be fertilized by the sperm of a MAN.

C. The potential that did not achieve his destiny alive was wasted, and exits the woman's body as a scarcity blood of fluid. This blood stench, and is disgusting to men, women and children.

D. Woman's period cycle got several nicknames that every country has.

E. In a healthy Woman:
the period cycle has a smell similar that penetrating exemplifies of rotten.
In an unhealthy woman, that suffers :
from inflammation in the vagina or from white or yellow fungus.
(Details will be given in the next chapters).

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