Introduction to the study on the sexual differences between men and women.

In this study will be explained on the sex appeal of the MAN and the Woman and on the biological different structure between the sexes. Certain parts in the study were censored and this in order not to hurt respectfully the women, but from the examination of the exploratory integrity i should also say the truth.

If certain model or any written part hurts, humiliation or angers certain women, i requests mourned their forgiveness and apologizes. It was not the goal, it is too bad that I wasn't able to present it differently.

I pledge an intellect of subject, or sentence, that it will obtain is not exact or because there is any doubtfulness concerning them it will be taken off the website. Also if it does not seem correct, I am human and also allowable to err, and think differently.

There was never a sexual equality between men and women.

According to most studies that were edited in the world in the subject of sex life of women
we find that :

33 % percent of the women reported that had never Experience an orgasm.

33 % additional percent of the women reported that experienced an orgasm only by self masturbation without having sex with a MAN.

The last 33 % percent of the women reported that succeeded to have sex with a man and to experience at least one time an orgasm with a MAN.

A healthy MAN experience an orgasm and can cum at any time lingered fulfils sex.
A young MAN fulfils more sex than an adult therefore he experience sex in average of twice a week, and so we will be able to calculate how many times he experience an orgasm.

In simple calculation of having sex twice a week, in 4 weeks we will receive 8 times a month, times 12 months a year we will receive 96 times a year of enjoyment orgasm that the man obtain.

The length of sex life of a MAN ranges between the ages
20 - 60, speaking on 40 years of gratification of existence of having sex of cum and orgasm. If we will take 96 times of our capacity and multiply by 40 years of activity appointed. We will receive amount of 3840 times that the MAN experience orgasms.

Clear that most men fulfill sex and reaches orgasm many years after age 60.

Men up to the age of 40 can establish sex several times in one night, or several times a day without any difficulty.

Man sexuality will only increase when he will have sex with several women.

There is no sexual equality between men and women

The MAN in average experience about 3840 orgasms during the course of his sexual life. From the study we learn that 66 % percent of the women in the world, never experience any sexual orgasm.
There for the 33 % percent that reported that never experienced an orgasm, in addition to the 33 % percent of women that reported that succeeded to experienced an orgasm only by masturbation - NOT WITH A MAN.

The remaining 33 % percent of women that reported that succeeded to experience an orgasm at least one time during the course of their sex life.

Also this successful group of women reported that they succeeded to have an orgasm once in their life time. The question is how many more times women succeeded to have an orgasms may be 1 - 5 orgasm in average during all their life time.

Also if we will say that the Woman experienced orgasm ten times during the course of their sex life, how it might be a sexual equality between men and women, if MEN experience a record of 3840 orgasm in comparison with women, that only a third of them can experience a record only once or five times orgasm in 40 years of their sexual activity. There it can't be any sexual equality between men and women.

There is known English story in which a bride asks her mother, what I should do on the wedding night with my husband ?

The answer of the mother was very interesting, my girl ! everything that you should do is :
A. (in the physical way) simple lay down in your bed on your back, and spread your legs wide open.

B. (in the mental way) simple think or imagine on Great Britain, or the queen.

There is no doubt that nowadays the sexual guidance that the mothers gives their daughters is much better and detailed.

The questions is what changed in the last fifty years (physically or mental) that women nowadays do not stop to talk and think about orgasms, the " G " point, the multi orgasms, and more sexual impulses like these and other. It is a question that does not give a rest to the modern women.

The relation in the gratification from sex between men and women in a statistical calculation

MAN in average enjoy sex 4000 times during the course of his sex life. Only 33 % percent of all the women that reported that they experience orgasm during the course of their sex life at least one time with a man.

Let say that women succeeded to have only 4 orgasms for the statistical calculation to estimate and to calculate the relation between 4000 orgasms of a MAN against 4 orgasms of the Woman, gives a proportion of 1 to 1000 times to the favor of men. For every 1000 orgasms that the MAN experience, the Woman experienced successful only 1 orgasm.

From the examination of the statistical calculation only in ( 1:1000 ) the one thousandth of the percent the Woman enjoy to expected an orgasm, compared to a MAN. Need to remind you that we are speaking only in 33 % percent of the women that were reported thereon that enjoy sex with a MAN.

How can we explain the Woman's behavior during sex activity

Speaking here on 33 percent of women that reported that they succeeded to experience orgasm during sex action with a MAN.

When the Woman experience orgasm once, or five times during the course of her sexual life time, why every sexual act she groans, she is frenetic, She moves ahead and backwards in coordination with the MAN,

She embraces strongly the MAN and cries / whispers to him words of love , and infinity words of compliments on his sexual implementations. She tells him how much she loves him and how much she loves his penis, this behavior is very implicit, that we do not understand.

It is vague why the Woman groans and frenetic when she does not enjoy sex, and does not experience orgasm, during thousand of sex activities.

Very vague why the Woman acts so in every sexual act, it is not clear that there is not a single Woman in the world that experience an orgasm in each sexual act. If yes it is not clear what factor cause her to act so, during every sexual act of her sexual life.

For what purpose she does it, and what is the reason of the show that she acts in front of her man. We are speaking in the thousands of sex activities during all her sexual life time.
What kind of deceit, (bull shit) is this.

like that to lie and cheat, so many times on each and every sex act.

American women, during sexual act squeals and cry :
   OH   GOD        OH   GOD

They cry to GOD, and he does not understand what they want from him, and how this situation is connected to him. Therefore it is not a surprise that even GOD does not understand them.


Optimist - Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh Yes................

Pessimist - Oh No, Oh No, Oh No..................

Confused - Oh Yes, Oh No, Oh Yes, Oh No....

Traveler - Ahh, I`m coming, I`m coming..........

Religious - Oh God, Oh God......................

Greedy - Ahh, More, More, More..................

Murderer - Ahh, if you take it out, I`ll kill you...

How the orgasm is created and why ?

The orgasm, is a body reaction that is created at the man and other male in the nature. After sexual consecutive stimulation the MAN experience an orgasm that expresses in many cellular sperms, thing that it causes to a big sexual gratification.

Sexual gratification is a type that comes to encourage and to remind the MAN to experience sex as much as possible, and in return he will receive all the sexual gratifications, according to the number of women or female in nature that he will fertilize.

If the MAN is not reward accordingly, for what reason he had to have sex , and if he would not have sex with a woman/female they would not give birth to progeny, and man/animal would not exist in nature.

There is no any interconnection between the effeminate orgasm and the creation of pregnancy

There is an old opinion or thought that Woman that has an orgasm ejects a lot of fluids of the body. These fluids of the vagina serves as lubricating oil in an attempt between two genitals to be pleasant during the act of sex. With out this fluids the woman would not agree to have sex with the man.

There are studies that mark that women that experience an orgasm of series cramps in the vagina, and there is an old argument that these contractions helps the male sperm to progress in the uterus across the ovule and helps the pregnancy.

The question is :
What, if women will not have contractions in the vagina, or will not have oily fluids of the body, the Woman will not convene pregnancy ?

Answer :
It is not important If the Woman will experience an orgasm still it will not effect the creation of pregnancy.

A. In contrast if the MAN will not experience an orgasm and will not eject cellular sperm then pregnancy will not cure.

B. In 66 % percent of all women reported thereon that they never experienced an orgasm with a MAN and it did not distract them to become pregnant.

C. What about women in the primitive tribes that where circumcised, and they got hurt bad in their vagina. These women did not struggle to enter pregnancy!!!

There is a known case in which a worker in a hospital in United States raped a Woman that was in the "SITUATION OF COMA", this Woman became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby in a cesarean operation.

D. The Woman does not have any control on admission to the pregnancy or during the course of pregnancy, everything is done Automatic. If this Woman would be able to control her pregnancy, she would be able to execute also abortion of the fetus without medical intervention.

E. It is not clear why the female in nature, that did not experienced ever orgasm become pregnant.

In contrast to the Woman that does not have any sexual needs or does not show any sign that she is in heat still she also gets pregnant.

Vibrator, Gigolo, girlish masturbation, and of mature masturbation.

All of it together do not testify thereon that the Woman has sexual needs what so ever.

All the resources that were reminded above serve young mature women in an attempt to enjoy sex. If yes how it's possible to claim that women do not have sexual needs ?

A. The vibrator:

is a cold plastic conduit with batteries, no way this conduit can remind a Penis MAN in any form. Every remainder of the accessories or sexual toys that the Woman uses can show clearly that the Woman has no sexual needs whatever that MAN can not provide.

If women had sexual needs they would choose to be Penetrate by the real thing, a Penis MAN and not different toys of cold plastic toys that operates by battery.

B. Gigolo :

a young Woman that looks good does not have to pay for sex. Only an old Woman, or very ugly Woman with disturbances of personality has to pay for sex. Every other women can obtain sex for free as many times she wants.

How many Gigolo you know or recognize that there is in our country. There are a few Gigolos in our country, does this provide all the sexual needs of all the women that are not sexual satisfy in the country?

C. Masturbation of young women :

Serve the purpose of satisfaction and curiosity that is so mysterious to them and is not fully developed. They want to know why is the sex so spoken. In these ages they have intruded of hormones by the high levels that shake their adolescent sexual stimulation.

Masturbation of adults women :

Is quite rare. During the years the women are needles of sexual activities, and they try to examine their vagina if it acts properly, if they are able to feel any sensation in the limb that is the center of the femininity for their body.

There are women that the purpose of masturbation is that they fear that if they would not use their sex organ they simply will cease to function and will not be felt in any sexual sensation in the future.

Therefore masturbation of mature women comes many times in an attempt to revive the sex organ that will not "die". Indoctrinate women that the masturbation come from frustration, after separation from the mate she says to herself :
"Why do I need these dirty men I can provide and satisfy my own needs by myself".

The sexual needs of a healthy MAN is appointed twice three times a week, MAN up to the age 35 can come and have three orgasms at night. With more women he can achieve more orgasms a day. These are the sexual needs of a man, and these are the orgasms that we speak about.

How many times an average Woman consumes sex of I.e.:

Vibrator, gigolo, masturbation in young and mature women in all course of their sexual life.

A women is using gigolo services rarely. It would be possible to say that the Woman has sexual needs like a man if she would order gigolo services ones or twice a week on steady basis.

It is rare that women would pay money for sex, and also order the young handsome muscular man (gigolo) more than solitary times, and also it is mainly for the experience only.

All the subject of sexuality is divided to 2 parts : Sexual needs, and the ability to achieve an orgasm

    1. Sexual needs that is constrain, has the needs to search and to require sex similarly :
to respiratory , nutrient and drinking needs. I.e. those who he doesn't have sexual needs almost never can understand what is sexual needs, like a healthy man can't understand a sick man, and intelligent man can not understand the stupid man.

    2. The second subject in sexuality is the ability to achieve an orgasm, that it is a climax of satisfaction and the sexual relief.

The ability to achieve an orgasm is a quality that men are blessed time after time thousands of times. In contrast there are a tiny percentage and negligible of women that succeeded to experience and achieve an orgasm a few times during all the course of their sexual life.

A. The ability of women to achieve an orgasm in the relations with MAN according to most of the studies and the polls :
Only third of the women reported that they experienced at least one time an orgasm with a man during all their sex life.

For example :
if a woman achieves orgasm up to five or ten times in all course of 40 years of sexual activity, it does not say that this is effeminate pure phenomenon.
It is most rare phenomenon that can happen several times during the sex life of women.

B. In one of the previous chapters was explained how natural birth cause Women sexual disability. Clear that also these type of births lowering significantly the ability of the women to enjoy an orgasm.

C. Too bad that women were not blessed with sexual needs, then there was an equality sexual relation between the sexes and there were solved many problems in marriage and the duality in general.

The Woman does not show any ability or sign of being in heat

In contrast to the woman the female in nature has sexual needs ( being in heat ) that appears every season :

A. All the female mammals are getting pregnant once, twice or more in a year, and it always will appear during the heat season. In contrast the Woman have on periods of being in heat and they have no sexual needs that appointed steady that they have a season of being in heat like mammals in nature.

B. All female mammals of the same sex must be pregnant at the same time of being in heat at the same season. It is very rare that female will refuse to have sex at the heat season at the end of every season all the female mammals must give birth to progeny without any axception.

C. A fact :
In contrast to female in nature the woman can refuse sexual relationship all her life, or to bear a child at the end of her fertility period after age 40.

The signs of being on heat of female mammals in nature

Female in nature proclaim thereon that they are in heat in many ways :
A. They circulate aromas of their body, in their urine or in the air around them that attracts every mature male in their environment.

B. Some of the female in nature acts in a different special way, that it is clear to every male in their environment they are in heat.

C. Some of the female in nature sends audibility of sounds of her being in heat and her voice sound to the distances and invites a mature male. For example the female elephant.

D. Some of the female mammals, their genitals swell and get red for example :
the female of the baboon .

E. In any case where they can not find a mature male in the area they search and look for a mature male even in a long distance.

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