The mankind is divisible by
2 groups :
consumers and suppliers of sex.

A. The men are the consumers of sex.

B. Women are the suppliers of sex .

The business industry of sex in the world

Based on women that provide services of sex to men for payments in big money, or on good gratification that is worth money (mistress) and more.

This industry is rolling million of dollars in every states of the world. It arises on base of lack of sex that goes and increases of basic sex that men consume,. In order to maintain their physical and mental health.

If men sexuality was equal to women sexuality. Most of the sex industry of the world was liquidated. The question is why would a MAN will pay so much money for sex if he could get it for free ?

Clear that always men would want to diversify their sex life , or men that don't have a steady Woman or spouse. In this case there would be a place to several institutes of Brothels and more women would provide more sex to the sex consumers.

Nowadays the situation is absolutely different , from several prostitutes and several institutes of brothels in the past, we are talking in an industry of brothels that flourishes in the hundreds of every big city. This sex industry that employs thousands of girls from the country and from all over the world.

This historical fact that is the most ancient profession in the world belong to women. These women survived and managed to raise children by providing sex and serving the sexual needs of men.

Men pay to women for sex in many ways :

A. Affluent men provide a financial backing to young women that study in University or that their salary is not enough. To the standard of living that a mistress requires :

Help in rent , support of the house of property tax, car payment, tuition and more.

B. Senior managers, grant an advancement to women employees at work, courses, studies, journey and holidays in the country and in the world. High salary and pension plan accordingly to the relations with the woman at work.

C. Single mothers have friends that helps them in addition to what was reminded, also in raising her children for exchange of sex ( mistress ).

Also mother does not give the father sex for nothing

Folkloric expression it is exact like that the sun is shining in the east and set down in the west.

An old illusion that it demarcates in the lag.

That describes a situation in which married men do not pay for sex.

Married men pay the most heavy price in every way :

A. Men deposit their salary every month in the joint account with their wives.

From the same joint account the Woman disseminates their money to the wind, not only that she does not know to save. She is wasting the resources and the oxygen of the family, there are cases that she creates heavy debts. Thing that creates concerns and tensions between the couple during the years.

B. Married Men that truly need sex are compelled to flatter their wife, and to her friends.

C. Their husbands become punching bag of their wives when they are angry or any other reason including the place of their work.

D. Men argue with their Women and negotiate for every position in bed and ravished in the particulars during the sex act, all so there are argument about the position and the length of time that the sex act will take.

( in particular women that they are " exhausted ", or that heaven forbid suffer " from headache " ).

E. Many married couples fulfill sex in the frequency of once a month or once in several months, And also than the Woman does a big favor to the MAN. Clear that she will agree to have sex after the MAN begged and debased and was humiliated himself by his wife many times,

She says to him " do it quickly because I don't have energy and the power for you or to sex , than she says to him stop bothering me all the time ". There are also many couples that they learned to live without sex over the years .

F. Many conflicts starts over sexual needs of men, and later lead to their divorce. The first major factor to their divorce is refusal of the Woman to provide good sex to the MAN and in the amount and in the quality that are reasonable.

The sex relationship for women became a method and an excuse to punish the husband and to avoid sex in every argument.

Women that they don't have any drive or any needs for sex, it is easy for them to cease sex for their husband. There for in every controversy, conflict or anger that arises between the mates the Woman stops to provide sexual relationship to her husband that he needs so much in order to maintain his physical and mental health.

Big part of the negotiation that occurs between the sides is based on sex, if the MAN do not agree to the demands of his wife, she translated it immediately to stop sexual relationship to get even with her husband
(and she starts an unlimited time of sex strike).

Intellectual, it is very hard to explain how come that sexy women do not have any sex drive or do not have any sexual needs

How it happened that the Woman that is sexually attractive is so un sexually and does not have any sexual needs :
How a Woman that is so pretty and beautiful with soft voice and face and soft sound and sweet that has a beautiful attracting body. With all this sexually given data, how it happened that in spite all of this women do not have any sexual needs. And this in spite of all the sexuality that she is radiating around her.

In contrast to Woman, the MAN in average is not attractive and from the point of view he is not very sexual, but he has sexual needs every day of his life :

He is :
hairy muscular obscene clumsy or fat thick and deter bristles of beard stab. And in spite of all these data, he has sexual needs. Clear that required here new technology that has not been shown yet, to explain and maybe also to convince the skeptics.

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