Married men can not satisfy their basic sexual needs.

The hunger to sex deployed to several fields :

A. To the area of brothels, and other ways to have sex for money and benefits.

B. To demarcate the betrayal in the spouse wife and extramarital sex.

C. To demarcate the pornography on the internet.

The Internet succeeded to revive sex of the modern MAN. Nowadays it is quite clear that most men are viewing the pornographic site on the internet. These pornographic site, came to provide the sexual needs of the men.

Usually women do not view the pornographic site, just like women do not observers pornographic sex movies of video or cinema. Women do not acquire manuals or any pornographic substance, also they are not consumers of sex, there for they do not pay for sex.

Women do betrayal their husbands but, it is not because that they need sex. Without her offering sex to the other man they will not credit any attention, love and affection that women need so much.

If Women are in love and plans a wedding : only than, the sex will be good and satisfying

We will not enter to the subject of love it belongs to other chapters, but will mark that love relations lasts in average one or two Years. That is according to most of the studies that were edited in the western world.

If love wouldn't end quickly, the couple would remain perplexed confused and irrational. It is impossible to manage married life with so much pressure and tension while you still in love.

Therefore when the Woman plans to marry the majority of MEN will credit good sex any time they want.

But what happens when the love of the Woman is finished, and it must happened very soon, you are likely to receive cold sex, and you will not be satisfy. It is for sure that you will not get sex according to your sexual needs.

Men must lie to their wives and at work place when they watch pornographic website on the internet

late at night men go to a separate room, and they start their pornographic activities.

Then they are viewing the pornographic sites and clasp strong, strong their penis in their pants until they reach climax of orgasm.

There are men that this is all their sexual life and they dedicate to this activity many hours several times a week. These men are doing this activity many hours at work.

How the MAN succeeds " to lie and to cheat " to his Wife and to his employer

A. The MAN is telling his wife that he works on the internet many hours as much he plans to establish or to participate in a start up, Or that he is interesting to learn the economy of the world, or that they are searching for work. the Woman is very happy that her husband is not bothering her for his sex demands, and annoy her to sleep with him.

B. At the work place the MAN has several techniques to erase the history of the websites in which he watched ( pornographers ), and to leave the history of the websites in which he is authorized to work.

In case the manager enters surprisingly the room, the worker immediately will shut off the pornographic website or will pass to other website. There are companies that bar an access to these pornographic websites.

Internet has many advantages

A. If MAN chooses to betray his wife, probably his wife will find out. Sooner or latter his lover will report to his Wife, or in any a controversy of conflict of the lover will call his Wife and report her on the betrayal. On the pornographic websites it would not happened.

B. If the MAN chooses to go to the brothels , he takes a chance that someone will see him and report to his Wife, or to his employer at work. On the pornographic websites it would not happened.

C. The viewing in the internet is available and inexpensive ownerships, every one who has a computer is interconnected to the line of telephone can view the pornographic websites. This is not a betrayal of the wife and therefore no One should be hurt. The selection of the pictures is overpowering in its beauty, and alternates every day.

D. The most important thing is that you should not request any favors from your Wife, and should not hear from her any reject or refusal to establish sex, and certainly that you do not have a feud with her or argue with her about having sex.

Most of the viewers on the internet is tuned to the sex websites

Viewing the sex websites on the internet testifies the hunger for lack, of sexual distress in which found in men nowadays.

These sex websites it's possible to view in the big portals. We can see clearly that these sex websites are the most popular websites in the internet.

Is recommended to press on key F11 which situated in the keyboard.

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