When the Woman does not provide you sex, or it is cold and icy sex relations.

Nowadays modern Women are financial independent from men. Women starts new career, and men should do exactly the same thing. They have to find ways how to satisfy their sexual needs with independence and available women.

God forbid if Women would keep the monopoly of sex from men. Every monopoly is bad, and the monopoly of Women is even more bad and evil of all monopoly that exists in our life.

Men must be courageous, Without any shame or scruples, and forbidden to listen to the Woman. You must be loyal to your body and listen to your sexual needs. You also are going to be sorry and guilty if you will not fulfill your sexual needs. There is a aphorism that says " IF I DONT TAKE CARE OF MY SELF NOBODY WILL ".

Recommendations of sex behavior to the modern man

The modern MAN should be also practical, and therefore is recommended to take for himself or between 600 - 1000 Shekels a month, and to add a clause to the familial budget that we will call in Yiddish ( Jewish ) " PIPI GELT ", translation " MONEY FOR THE PENIS "

This amount will cover all the sexual needs of the MAN and enable him for quiet and healthy life. He simply has to say to her that :
he goes out with friends, or to see the sunset, sunrise, or specializing in cuisine, a preparation of wine and more excuse that you can imagine.

If the MAN does not earn enough money for his sexual needs it is recommended to reduce money from his son or his daughter for example :

Lessons of drawing, sport, English lesson, summer camp holidays. In this case the children are not important will be less educated, it is really too bad, but it is preferable on quarrels with the Wife about having sex.

It is preferable than having a divorce, that will cause the children to suffers even much more for the rest of their life.

Lack of basic comprehension between MEN and Women

Men and also the women think mistakenly that they have similar sexual needs and therefore :
A. Men don't understand why the Woman do not want to have sex like them. If there is a sexual equality between men and women how is it possible that women do not need sex.

B. Women have no sexual needs , and therefore they can not understand what the MAN wants from them, what kind of sexual needs he has ?

There is a tendency that present the sexual problems as problems of communication, or as problems of lack of basic comprehension of the couple , or lack of accommodation of all kinds of sexual reasons and factors. How could be a problem of communication between mates that were attach so beautiful before marriage, if the couple speak the same language Hebrew and English fluently and maybe more languages, how they don't understand one another.

The two of the mates are working, how indeed they succeed to communicate with the workers in the plant, how the mates communicate with their children and the rest of the family.
In these cases, do we also have problems of lack of comprehension?

Basic things in the structure of the family that changed over the years

A. nowadays women do not cook for their husband, what happen the MAN remains hungry. So what, he is going to a restaurant or buys fast food.

B. If women do not clean their house, what happen the house is dirty. So what, a cleaning lady is coming to clean the house for them.

C. If women do not launder and not iron, what happened we go with dirty clothes. So what, we are , addressing it to the laundry .

D. If the Woman does not want to treat and to guard her baby what happened. Does she leave the baby alone. No, she finds a baby sitter, or leave the baby with the grandmother.

E. If the Woman can not provide the sexual needs of her husband, or that she does it without desire and not from all her heart, it is not a reason for a divorce, and the couple do not have to fight about it.

In the years 2000 MEN do not have to suffer constant of sexual hunger, or should get ungracious sex from his wife. The man must be responsible to satisfy his sexual needs els where.

F. In the modern family the Woman succeeded to prove that she can obtain a solution of every problem of cleaning, cuisine, laundry ironing, and treatment of devotee to the baby. The MAN should prove that he can obtain a solution to his sexual needs.

the Woman can not provide the sexual needs of her husband

In this part i will show several examples and sentences that the Woman says to her husband in an attempt to refuse, and to evade from sex to her husband :

A. " What do you think that you married a prostitute, or a call girl , what do you think i am : your sex slave or sex machine ".

B. "What do you think that i am nymphomaniac or a horny bitch that consumes sex every day".

C. "What do you think that if i married you i made a contract that i should have sex with you every night or as many times that you want, in every place or any time that you want, forget it".

D. "You have a blue head. At your workplace you are surrounded with young foxy girls all day, or at the university the girls fill you with the desire of sex. What do you think: i am not guilty it is your problem".

E. That what she said: "I am not young anymore, and i need sex only once a month that is enough for me".

F. The Woman claims with regard to her husband : " I take care of your children, I am taking care of the house : cleaning , cooking and more. I have a job and i also provide for the family. There for it is hard enough without that you will wiggle and harass me every day and every night to provide your sexual needs ".

That's how conflicts and brutal violence develops in the family

Sexual tensions lead the MAN to require strongly and forcibly what he thinks belongs to him. He thinks from his view that he deserves more :
he takes care of his family , he helps around the house, and he loves his Wife, and gives her a lot of attention.

We can say that the man fills all the important sides of the deal of marriage. The man do not understand why he deserves such a bad treatment.

And that what the wife says :
A. If you lack sex :
"Go to your mother, to your girl friends in the university or from work your place, go to masturbate, or watch blue movies".

In addition she says :
"go to do a lot of sport, to take a cold showers , go to a brothel to come down".

Conclusion :
A. All his wife wants to have peace and quiet and not to be harassing by the sexual needs of her husband she continues:

B. "I am not guilty that you are a sex maniac , that chase girls , and think only sex sex sex".

C. And there are also threats such as :
"If you will bother me you will not get sex at all, is it clear. You disgust and reject me of all your requests, and the strange demands are illogical and insane".

D. That what she said :
"if you would really love me, and if I would be important to you, you would consider me a little more and give me a little rest. May be you should go to a doctor to give you some pills". She continue to say:
"every day you are harassing me to have sex with you and you want to jump on me as if I am your trampoline, you are an egoist you only think about yourself and on your cock".

That what she says :
" You try every sexual way and all kind of artifices and manipulations to push your " tail " in to my body. Search for another hole to push your cock inside. I am nothing but a sexual device for you ".

E. She claims :
"The truth is that you do not satisfy me sexually and emotionally. You are not attentive to my needs, why do I have to be attentive to your needs ?

You do not excite me anymore and i feel nothing for you. You are guilty for this situation and no body else".

The deceit of the betrayal
F. The MAN suspect that his Wife has a lover, and he is the one that provides her sexual and emotional needs. The man is convinced about her sexual needs,
and he asks :
"who is satisfying the sexual needs of my wife" ?.

G. It's very hard to explain and understand the suffering the pain the anger, that happens to our MAN, how is it influences him. Detailed and explanations will be received in the future.

I do not want to enter the problems like the lady has a headache, or that she is very tired from work, question of subjects that belong to detach in other chapter and will appear in the future.

MAN is forbidden to require sex from his Wife

The major and most prevalent error that married men do, they harass their Women and annoy them by saying :
"give me only 5 minutes on the clock and I will finish, you even will not feel anything".

They tell her how much they love her. They help her in all house work, and help the children with home work. They buy their wife jewelry or a new vehicle.

In spite of all this nothing will change and women are still going to refuse men on this delicate subject.

MEN want to be rewarded for all this, they demand and require sex, and not to negotiate with the Woman or have any argument on her most important sex organ her vagina. Limb that is so problematic for woman. There for modern men should let the women initiate the sex relation.

The woman does not have sexual need, but she has other emotional and erotic needs

The Woman does not have sexual needs , but she has great need to be loved. She requires attention warmth, compliments, emotional support (needs). The Woman also has an erotic needs like caressing hugging, kisses and petting.

All of this is acceptable by the women, but she will not agree to be penetrated by a man's penis.

For example :
every mammal in nature that does not fear man like :
Dog , cat, horse, there are also sexes of fish (mammals) dolphin, (killer - whale), and birds that also like similar things like erotic needs like caressing hugging, kisses and petting (just like women).

It does not say that women like to be penetrate, jumped on, shake them ahead and backwards by a man.

Very vague to Woman why she should open her legs every night or every other night and enable the man to imbue his tail (penis) into her vagina, to jump on them, to squeeze their breast and their ass , to stick their dirty fingers inside her vagina, to groan in gratification, to squirt to the contents of sticky sperm (some women will say that he disgust her and smell bad) for what reason?

From the point of view of a heterosexual man :
Think that someone is trying to penetrate inside your body every night, how would you feel?

Think that someone would penetrate into your ass every night, how would you feel?

Try to think that someone would penetrate into your mouth with his cock ?.

All of this examples are not acceptable by men or women.

Dear MAN if you love your wife it is recommended

You want to show your Wife that you love her, send her beautiful flowers, take her to a good restaurant, and after that to a show. You want to pamper her, give her a kiss, a warm hug or good compliment.

You want to calm her or cause her happiness, arrange for her a nice holiday in the country or a trip to EUROPE it does not have to be something expensive.

In the year 2000 only the Woman should initiate sex

New sexual rules for the modern man :
Do not request, offer hint or manipulate your wife to have sex it will not cause your wife to fill any guilty emotions. Do not accuse her that she is not paying attention to you, do not negotiate with here to make love.

The man thinks for example:
I will give, buy or do for you something, and in exchange you will give me sex at night. Let the Woman initiate sex on her own time.

Then your wife will not have any complaints and any arguments, by the same token the man will not be rejected. She will not have any " headache or being tiered ".

Men must satisfy their sexual needs even at the cost of a betrayal

A. When a Wife does not prepare food for her husband, and he eats outside. Is this a betrayal?

B. When your Wife does not launder and irons your cloth. You would launder your cloth at a near by laundry. Is this a betrayal?

C. When your Wife does not treat your baby right, or Immediately after she gives birth she abandons her baby to an old ignorant immigrant nursemaid and goes to work is this a betrayal?

To satisfy the sexual needs of the MAN is also not a betrayal. In the modern family every man is eligible to provide his sexual and emotional needs, not necessary in the family, and he must find his happiness out side of the family. It is very hard to say this, but every man to himself.

There is a saying :
the two of us together but each one to his own. For each couple it is advisable that every one will be independent. Every one should have his friends and hobbies to keep their own privacy.

It must be a clear boundary where the couple have their own privacy and every one will keep his values and his personality in order that will not cause damage to their marriage.

In the past I was against what is call " open marriage "

Nowadays when I see so much suffering conflicts and quarrels that happened on the background of sex relation. It is recommend to MAN to pay every price to a hooker or a prostitute in an attempt to revive his sex life and his sanity.

What happened if the MAN got married, it means that he should bury his sex life, and he must be miserable for the rest of his life ?.

It does not mean that a married man should beg his wife for sex and be miserable. Married men are not mature enough and responsible to take care of their sex life out side their marriage and they should not listen to other opinions. Especially to his wife she does not understand any way your sexual needs.

The dangers in " open marriage " : bastards, the Woman will betray on purpose because she will want to divorce.

Nowadays women wants to betrayal, they want to divorce, and bear bastards. Therefore it does not make a different to the MAN. Because of this situation the man must take care of himself.

A. Women do not betray only in " open marriages " . Women betrayal with or without the knowledge of their husband. The wife excuses is, that her husband is :
fat , blood, is boring or other reasons to betray.

B. Nowadays men flirt and make love to other married women just to satisfy their sexual needs. Today is popular to exchange couples one with each other and under mind the value and loyalty to marriage.

C. Nowadays more than ever are born many children that they do not belong to their biological father (bastards) and many men raise someone else children with out their knowledge.

In England explore discovered that in one kindergarten that was examined, every tenth child does not belong to the biological father of the same family.

In one case that was published in the newspapers, in which doctors searched to match a blood sample for a sick boy that has cancer, the doctors examined all the children of the same family but non of the children matched the same blood type, which means that non of the children belong to the same biological father, (all of the children are bastards).

The doctors were shock that non of the children matched the same blood type, and non of them belong to the original father (genetically). The doctors kept it in secrecy in an attempt not to hurt the father, and not to insert the children to the list of bastards.

D. There is a danger that the Woman will spend a long time with her lover on an account of her children . Nowadays more then ever, women neglect their children and go to spend time with their boyfriend or other men.

E. All this negative phenomena exist already today and in big numbers.

Therefore it is forbidden for MEN like this to fear such Wives that can not provide here husband with good sex, and she also prevents from him to have sex on the outside.

Additionally she also threatens her husband with a divorce with a wife like this what can her husband do, he got nothing to loose, he is married to a monster.

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