Masturbation is dangerous in the long term to men's health.

A MAN that does not find a spouse or a woman to make sex with, is compelled to provide himself with masturbation. It is reasonable and possible for a short term to attempt to masturbate and arrive to a climax in order to get a relief and sexual satisfaction.

But in the long range masturbation causes the MAN to be frustrate and later, it will cause him to doubt his masculinity and his sexuality.

In a later stage might be problems of sexology in his sexual functioning that it will develop from anxious fears and lack of confidence in himself that alienate him from women.

This is a circuit that a dead end. Lack of sex with women leads to frustrations and to lack of confidence, that lead to the apprehension and alienation from women. It become an act of a close circuit that can continue many years. Masturbation is very dangerous to MEN. If this activity continue more than 3 months it could lead to psychiatric problems.

If masturbation was so good for the MAN, they would not beg women for sex.

Also men shouldn't have to pay money for sex services to prostitute. A normal man needs real sex with a woman to be saint and to stay healthy.

These are the reasons why men can not masturbate, it's a temporary relief, (in spite that masturbation is for free).

Information on brothels in Israel.

The staying of MEN to brothel is a 100 % legal and he does not pass any violation to the law in the state of Israel.

In average brothels have clean rooms with attached shower in every rooms. The client will get a service of :
Clean sheets perfumed and soap. There is special illumination of music and air conditioner, and to the client will be offered a cup of coffee or cold beverage. In an average brothel you will receive all of these conditions and more.

In an attempt that you will feel comfortable, because if you will feel good you will become a steady customer, and additionally you will recommend the place to others and business will flowering.

Information on brothels is published in the local news paper and close friends. Therefore it is advisable to go with experienced men, because they have the right up to date information about new places and new girls.

There is no Aids in the brothels

The Aids are nonexistent in the brothels, this is one more wrong belief that she doesn't have any tenacity in reality. No prostitute will have unguarded sex with out a condom for several reasons :
A. The owner of the brothel will not allow to employ sick girls because :
it's possible to be infected by the Aids virus , secondly MAN will not want to gamble on his life.

B. The prostitute relates to her job only as a temporarily work, to save money in an attempt to build for herself a better future :
All the girls think about having a family and raising children , all the girls have parents , brothers sisters and maybe a child or two in their country. All the girls think about studies or other respectable jobs in the future. The brothel is only a mean in an attempt to accomplish all her dreams.

There is no doubt that the prostitute with such aspirations will be very careful not to get the Aids disease it is not included in her programs.

Most of the girls in the brothel are shaved in their sex organ and they use all kind of substances that reject and destroy lousiness and other disease of the genitals.

ALL the rest of the diseases and the gynecological problems that are treated by doctors in attempt to enable the girl to continue and to work, without to endanger the customer and to have safe sex.

In oral sex it is advisable to use the condom also to protect the customer from all kind of diseases that the prostitute might have in here mouth, or she was infected by another customer by giving him a " blow job ", because the remainder of the infected fluid of the sperm remains in here mouth.

It is advisable not to kiss the prostitute continuous " French kisses " or on the lips in order to prevent transfer Aids disease as it was explained in the site

The Aids virus can pass also by continuous
" French kisses "

There are other places that it's possible and advisable to kiss the prostitute but not on her mouth.

In every sex act men with women, even married couples there is a chance to get infect by a disease when having sex

There is never a 100 percent of safe sex in the man / woman that you meet on the first date, or in the fifth date. There are cases that married MEN or women got infected by a diseases and also they infected their spouse by one of the diseases :

Gonorrhea, lice, inflammations like these and other.
In every apprehension it is advisable to clarify this as soon as possible at the dermatologist or urologist.

After you cured from the disease you return to have sex. No One stops to have sex only on account of getting infected in any disease.

For example :
no driver cease to drive after an accident or a traffic violation.

Very important to overcome the shame and other barriers and to hurry on the same day to the doctor. In every disease of sex it's possible to treat on one condition not to neglect not to reject and not to think that the disease will pass by it self. Speed is the mane of the game because, these men have active sex life, and it is important to check with the doctor as soon as possible.

There are men that the idea of going to a prostitute is dirty and not respectful. There are men that say how can i make love to a woman that I do not know, or women that had sex with several men before me.

No one sends you to any place or to make love to a prostitute. You can have any arrangement that fits you. You can use any special soap in an attempt to have a sexual relief, or you can avoid sex absolutely, it is definitely acceptable and reasonable.

Here representative the possibilities of sexuality in addition with all the advantages and their disadvantages and everybody choose only what fits him.

It's possible to get Aids only by unguarded sex relations

Most of the people that got the H.I.V virus are men and women that they were active in unsafe sex relations. It is known that many single people are not using condoms during sex activity, they got a strong belief that it will not happen to them.

They seem absolutely healthy and improbable that they carry the deadly virus. It is unknown how they diagnose each other that they are healthy or sick without testing of medical blood.

Every year there is a campaign around the world to implant in the public the use of condom, and the medical examinations of each and every one should pass the H.I.V test before they are having sex.

All the campaign around the world are warning the public to use condoms for safe sex specially on Aids day.

It is advisable to go with someone that knows good brothels and the good girls

In all brothels places you would require to put a condom , and then will you get enjoyable sex that includes :
Embraced caresses of kisses all over your body. In all the places you will get oral sex without the need of begging the prostitute. In some places you will get also anal sex with an extra payment .

The girls learn and are briefed how to pamper you and listen to your requests (reasonable) and please you, without controversies, without quarrels, and without any conditions,

The girls cooperate and initiate the sex actions in bed, and in general they are very professional. It's possible to exchange a brothel or girl any time and to choose a new girl , and every time arrive new girls from Eastern Europe.

The secret of a good brothel is a reasonable cost of young pretty girls that are built properly in the age 18 - 24 a choice of girls that will take care of you and give you what you need.

The brothels will provide for you the best service that will get to the brothel many more good customers.

It is recommended to go to the prestigious institutes in the range price between 150 - 200 Israeli shekels (35 - 50 U.S Dollars) half an hour that it is an optimal time to be satisfy. Visit in the brothel twice a week on regular bases is healthy sexual activity.

It's possible to prevent more than 50 percent of the abuse of women

Lack of continues qualitative and satisfying sex enable MEN to become a time bomb that should explode, as a results of the detonation. This time bomb exist in every man , but in some of the men it is going to explode.

Therefore we should make an extra effort in order to avoid to a minimum the formidable number of 200,000 beaten women in Israel. In the world it is known that good sex is a factors that relax MEN , and contribute to the mental and physical health of men.

There is no doubt that a sane MEN that do not get sex at home, he will get it in the outside. The level of anger frustration and his bitterness will come down amazingly.

The modern family have great problems like :
Economic problems, problems of education of the children, jobs problems, and problems in the house work and e.t.c.

These problems will not be solved if we will not find a solution to the problems of sexuality that concern MEN,

but there is no doubt that if the MAN will be calm sexually, he will be able to function with much less pressure and distress.

In other words if the MAN got sexual problems and he is not sexually satisfy every problem grows tremendous that hurt all the members of the family.

If the MAN is satisfy sexually all the problems become smaller. It reduces the violence and the physical or mental abuse in the family.

This way it's possible to help at least to 100,000 beaten women only in Israel, in addition we can reduce the penalties of imprisonment of violent MEN and shelters to the beaten women and e.t.c.

We can find more solutions, therefore we should continue to search for better ways and advantageous, and not to be limited by the old methods of the society.

We have to remember that violence in the family particular when every member of the family suffer. In average a family has a total of 4 members, the number of 200,000 beaten women in Israel turns to 800,000 family members including the children that their life are in hell.

You don't have to divorce on account of bad sex with your wife.

Many families in Israel is broken up because of bad sex relation , and it constitutes an important component in all the divorce cases.

To the modern MAN it is not important who takes care and provides his sexual needs, it is like he should not care who cooks for him his meals, and who cleans his house or his cloth. It is very important that he should not be hungry for food, just like he should not be hungry for sex relations.

In many cases that the Woman is not interested to provide the sex needs to her MAN. The man has to search and find to satisfy his sexual needs elsewhere, and with another woman.

It is not wise to fight and to argue with your wife over your sexual needs, she will never understand you. It is not good to invest time and money for marriage and sex counselors to their sex problems. The MAN truly needs a good fuck, and not more and more fucking brain stories from counselors, and sexologys.

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