The sexual advantages in brothels, in contrast to sexual dates with a girl friend or your wife.

A. In the brothels the prostitute will not steal your sperm and force you to have a baby, she will not sue you for alimony for 18 years, for a child you do not want.

If $1 U.S = 4.2 ISRAELI shekels.

The calculation of all the amount of child support and alimony payment. The minimum amount for one child that social security pays is $ 664 for one month to one child. This is the minimum amount that the man has to pay for one child.

The $ 664 for one month to one child multiply by 12 months in one year, this amount we multiply by 18 years , the man will have to pay $ 143,434 U.S American Dollars.

    $ 664   for one month
    12    months a year
    18     years
    $143,434 U.S. Dollars
For alimony and one child support.

In any case this amount of money enables men to acquire a 3 rooms apartment in every big city in Israel.

More details on the payments of the alimony of the social security is possible to receive on the website.

www.btl.gov.il   The Israeli social security child support and alimony payment  

B. In love affair with a married Woman you will never know if she can be pregnant with your child (bastard). In the brothel the condom will prevent the birth of an unwanted child.

C. In the brothel no one ever will be accuse you in any violation of sex like : rape abuse of sexes of various harassments of sexuality.

D. In the brothel the girls will not make with you any conditions or any negotiation, and will not require from you to have serious intention and to marry them. She will not force you to pay or to raise her child in the future.

E. The girls in the brothel :

   1. They never will refuse you to have sex.

   2. They would like to have sex with you in any position that you like.

   3. In contrast to a love affair, the prostitute will never blackmail and call your wife or to your workplace.

   4. It is amazing that they don't have even once a headache, they never have their period at work, they are never tiered, and they are never complain.

    5. They are always available to have sex 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , in every big city there are many brothels and many prostitute.

   6. The prostitute will never demand from you any compliments, or any gifts.

   7. After having sex you do not have to :

hug, to kiss, to hold, or to listen to any of the nonsense or the bullshit of your wife or your girlfriend.

F. In a neat brothel you will not get sex diseases or Aids , because in the brothel you must use safe sex with a condom.

G. It is advisable to pass from girl to the girl without falling in love, and without any girl breaking your heart. It is advisable to pass from one brothel to another brothel, until you will find your perfect Woman and you would not have to compromise.

In a good brothel and with a good prostitute you will get full enjoyment for your money

In contrast to your wife or to your girlfriend that she takes all your money and gives you in return trouble and headaches

Thousands of prostitutes are coming to Israel all year around to work

We have to be attached to reality. There are men they think that it is amoral to exploit women to sex for payment. It is just like any other deal.

A. To exploit women for sex relation by giving them all kind of untruthful promises including marriage, is it moral ?

B. To steal a sperm form a man :
the woman lies by telling him that she is using contraceptive "pills" and than she tells him that she is pregnant. She blackmail him to raise and to financed her unwanted child for 18 years.

The man must pay a heavy price a sum of 2,789 new ISRAEL shekels for one month to one child. This is the minimum amount that the man has to pay for one child.

The 2,789 shekels for one month to one child multiply by 12 months in one year, this amount we multiply by 18 years , the man will have to pay 602,424 shekels ,or ( $ 143,434 U.S American Dollars ), is it moral ?

In any case you loose a big amount of money 602,424 Israeli shekels or ( $ 143,434 U.S American Dollars ) that it's possible to buy an apartment of 3 pretty rooms in every big city in Israel.

C. A MAN that had a love affair to a woman and they plan to share a mutual future together. Suddenly he brakes his promises to the woman. In return she complaints to the police and accuse falsely that he : raped her , sexually abused her, e.t.c. Is it moral?

Prostitution is the most desire occupation of foreign women in Israel

This is the most ancient profession in the world, even before agricultural was established. This profession gave a livelihood and gives a livelihood to women all over the world. They support not only themselves they support also their children and the rest of the family.

These women arrive to Israel from East Europe, through Egypt, Jordan, and other illegal ways. In my opinion every woman that comes to work as prostitute to serve sex to men during certain period, is eligible to an Israeli nationality passport, and deserves support from the government.

The possibilities to get sex of the modern MAN :
the danger and disadvantages Marriage :
is the worse, humiliating, and the most painful way that the MAN could achieve to normal sex life.

This is the worse way, because the sex life of the modern man ends after 2 - 3 years of marriage. Than the modern man has to wait for the next 50 years of miserable and painful marriage that is described and explained on this website.

The second option is :
love affair, friendship with a girl friend or a woman, flirting and one night stand.

All off these ways to get sex are problematic and mainly very dangerous,

This part must be learned in the basic form. Many men pay a heavy price and get hurts badly. The reason that these men got hurt is :

A. They did not adjust themselves to the new reality.

B. There is no written and publish Study about it that men could learn.

C. In the last few years women organization passed new laws in the parliament against men. Men did not succeed to understand and follow these laws. That's why men got hurt.

D. Men are very ignorant and stupid, and they feel high and self confidence in feminine subjects, but these men do not understand anything and they pay a heavy price. In every way.

Men that lacking these knowledge become victims only after they experienced and they got hurt. It is very sad that these experienced men do not advertise what happened to them, and they can educate mew men that do not have their experience.

It is very sad and un fortune that these young good boys are going to ruin their life, and destroy their future.

The MAN can get sex by love affair or with a girl friend , and to exploit girls in order to satisfy his sexual needs. This is also a possibility that is very bad and dangerous.
For several reasons :

Before having sex every woman wants to find out as much information about the man such as :

    1. She will require from you to be serious about your relations. It is very clear that she want to marry you, she wants you to have children with her and of course that you will have to pay and support them for 18 years.

In addition she has a few more conditions that will explain you that you are not coming to fuck her and go, it does not work this way, and for sure it does not work the way you think.

For example that what she says :
" Can you come to see my parents, my grandmother, my girlfriends, buy me presents, take me to vacation in Europe, exotic Islands, take me out to diners , do for me this and that. Excuse me it is not just for me, it is for us, we are a couple remember "
( The man does not need all of this, he needs just to have good sex and to go home ).

    2. In love affair the MAN could get hurt bad if he will discover that his sweetie Betrayed him, dumped him or caused him to be embarrassed in front of his friends and his family. Many men came to extreme violence and they assassinated and raped their woman because they were very angry and frustrated. And other men simply ruined their life for lost love, and can not recover for many years.

Many visits of men to psychology and psychiatrist resultant of love affair and abandonment by their wife or by their girlfriend. These are disadvantages that are damages of love. Sometimes the man commits suicide.

    3. In love affair if the Woman feel abandonment by the MAN, betrayed, or if he lied, exploited, or for any reasons she can search ways to hurt and seek avenges :
A very popular way how she can fuck her man is serving a complaint to the police on :
rape, sexual attack, sexual harassment or complaints on threats or violence of blackmail e.t.c. The harassment of MEN by women can be at work, or to complain to his wife.

    4. In love affair with a married Woman is also very dangerous :
In this cas :
Your married, girl friend has a weak husband or if she is a lives in an open marriage, or if she is in process to divorce. It will not disturb her to call and inform your Wife, on a hot love affair that happens between you and your lover, and to cause you to divorce too.

It will not disturb her to report to the police on the damages that you caused her.

She can get pregnant and will not agree to any implementation of abortion, and you will have to pay and support a heavy price for 21 years on for an unwanted child that you never planned. She can give birth to a bastard that will never see his biological father, it will not worry her at all.

In a love affair, it is unacceptable to check for Aids test or to use a condom

    1. Sex with a steady partner is unorthodox to require examinations of Aids virus, it hurts the credibility " nor it might be that she is sick in the disease ". Vague how the MAN diagnoses the Woman if she is healthy without testing of medical blood.

    2. Like that was reminded in one of the previous chapters that continuous kisses (French kiss). This reason is an additional reason that the MAN could be infected by the disease of Aids. This has to be taken in an account when you have a love affair with a Woman. In brothel it is un unorthodox to kiss the prostitute on her lips, there are other places to kiss.

The possibilities of the modern MAN to get sex, advantages and solutions

A. In previous chapter we spoke about brothels and the prostitute institution, an upkeep of mistress for the full salary, or in exchange of benefits.

B. Combination of several sources that can provide the sexual needs of the modern MAN :
The pornographic websites on the internet, to chat and have sex conversations with another partner, and viewing sex movies,

C. Collective sex and exchangeable couples. This is a good recommendation for the modern MAN. It is very simple, since that I didn't hear any complaints to the police, therefore it is safe sex relation for the man.

Secondly :
it does not bring to the world undesirable children "that rip" from the MAN a sum of $ 143,434 U.S American Dollars. For an unwanted child that is not his, and he didn't want this child.

Therefore collective sex and exchangeable couples is also an alternate way and a possibility for a man not to get hurt by the woman.

All of this safe possibilities for men not to get hurt by the new laws that the parliament legislate against men every day.

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