Only when Women plan a wedding they will give good sex with all their heart.

Women needs a lot of sex only when they plan to marry, this is a beautiful period that is called the period of the courtship.

In this period the Woman will present the MAN a perfect select presentation that she will convince the man that he will get a lot of sex after their marriage. The Woman changes to a consumer of sex in the obsessive form, part of them will change to the nymphomania phenomenon.

The woman will give the MAN an untruthful sensation that also after their marriage, their sex life will continue to be wonderful. Only when women search for a fiance they provide very qualitative sex. If you will ask a married MAN that you trust him, he will tell you that your nymphomaniac wife will become frigid as ice after marriage.

There are cases when the MAN is in love he is very confused and does not behave rationally. It is clear that he is happy, but for an additional reason, he simply does not sleep enough and he is dragged for more and more sex by the woman.

That's the reason that men got the wrong idea that after marriage he will have good and satisfy hot sex life, and that's how the man fall in to the trap of marriage.

A woman that will not give her best show in bed to the man, she will have a hard time to get married, unless her man is very ignorant and stupid , but every show must come to an end.

The biggest problem of men is that they do not recognize the different between the sex life before marriage and after marriage. This research was done by the best gynecology centers in U.S.A . This research was represented by the Ophra Winfry show on T.V. which shows statistics that
40 - 43 million American women :
A. 40 - 43 million American women do not have any sexual needs at all.

B. 40 - 43 million American women do not enjoy any sex relations.

C. 40 - 43 million American women are the biggest sector of women (which are 80 % of all American women), that they are at the proper age and fertile for sex relations. An additional explanation will be at the next chapter.

If the woman does not initiate sex, she is not interested

Therefore it is recommended to MEN not to bring their Women to sexual pressure. The man has to understand that the woman can not satisfy his sexual needs , and she will reject him because she got different needs and out side his house. The man has to search for an additional solutions in an attempt to provide his sexual needs in other places with different women.

If the Woman does not initiate sex, she is not interested period. It is better for you to recognize that you are in a big problem for the rest of your life, and it is better for you to find a solution immediately.

The more you will presser your wife for sex, you will alienate the Woman from you. This sexual pressure will lead In the future quarrels and the angers that will be the ground and the main reason for a divorce. It is recommended not to pressure your wife for sex only if she initiate sex, so that your marriage will last a little bit longer.

(there are more reasons that the woman would like to divorce
you, i will explain you in the next chapters)

The MAN lost all his power and the influence at home and in his marriage completely.

In past the Women could get support only from her husband. Her husband used to take care of his family to provide food and clothing for her children. In return women provided a nice home and she satisfied all the sexual needs of her husband.

Nowadays the modern Woman fulfils sex according to her sexual needs which is once or twice a month. This is not sexual needs, it is only to demonstrate that the marriage is alright, the couple is well connected and they got warm relations. It is very clear that the normal man can not live like this.

It was explained in the past that the woman does not have sexual needs, only if she plans to get pregnant and have children.

Women vagina is just an invalid ( dead ) organ that does not have any feelings in most of the cases. This way women avoids or rejects sex, and if she will agree, you will get sex relations as could as ice. There is no medical treatment or any cure that can change it.

Women are not interested to provide sex to their husband for several reasons :

A. Nowadays the modern Woman that has a career does not need the support of her husband, she is independent in every way.

B. The modern married MAN does not control his salary any more, he only works for his salary, but he is not the owner of his salary. According the new laws in every modern stat the new owner of the money and asset is his wife.

The money is USED for the wife needs, and she controls the money of her husband. There for she became the boss of the family.

The mysterious way, how married men get fucked by the legislators :

In the house of rep. of every modern state created new laws that enable for every governmental institution :

court, or social security or welfare and more. To obligate the husband that he also the father of the children to pay for raising his children until the age 18. The sum of $ 143,434 U.S American Dollars is taken from him against his desire.

C. The modern Woman does not have to provide sex to her husband in exchange for her livelihood or the livelihood of her children.

There are many governmental institution that they will be happy to help her to take the men salary , and if you refuse you will go immediately to jail with no trail. Therefore she does not understand why she should provide sex to her husband.

The needs of the modern woman has changed, the collaboration between the MAN and his Woman decomposed and the partnership through the years has come to an end. In the past if the woman did not provide sex to her husband, she would not get any money from him. Today if he does not pay he goes to jail with no trail. That is the reason how the balance between the two sexes got broken.

D. So we arrived to the situation in which Woman provides to her husband sex once or twice a month and also she doing him a big favor. In most of the cases it is cold sex, and she wants to get rid of him as soon as possible.

The woman can provide sex in resultant that she feels mercy for her helpless MAN that requests sex so much. The Woman does not understand the men's needs, " but she knows to throw a bone to a yelling dog from time to time ".

Female mammal in nature do not suffer from sexual pressure like the women

Only 3 percent from all the animals in nature lives in duality during their life time. Most of the animals do not have sex at all except during the heat season. Only 97 percent of the animals meet and have sex only in the heat season, during a day or two days in one year in average. The sex in nature between mammals is absolutely only for reproduction and birth.

except for several sexes of animals like ape "Bonebo chimp" (dwarfish chimp) or "Porcupine" that they fulfill sex to the need of reinforcement of the contacts between the two sexes or to the need of the delight. These animals have sex without any contact to the heat season.

Most of the female in nature have sex once or twice in the year and then they copulate in generally with one male or more in the period of a day or two days in average. This is all the sex that they provide to the male during the year. The male does not annoy them by the demands to have sex and the female in nature have a happy life during the year, and they are free from any obligation to the male in nature.

The difference between men needs and women needs

In contrast the woman is being harassed by her husband every other nights by the demands to have sex. The most deep frustration is resultant from it, that the MAN fulfils sex not to the needs of reproduction.

The woman does not benefit from having sex with the man unless she gets pregnant and having a cute baby, and not just to satisfy the sexual needs of the man (she is not his sex machine).

The man is a rare mammal that does sex only or mainly for pleasure and gratification, and not for the purpose of reproduction.

Therefore the woman is the most miserable female mammal sex object that she is obligated to the sexual needs to her mate day by day and therefore she is the most exploited sexual female in nature.

The woman has a bigger burden and pressure in life than the other female animals in nature, which effects her marriage.

We can not compare between the tasks and the responsibility of the modern woman with female animal in nature.
The modern woman :

A. Is a career woman, and it takes the most of her energy during the day.

B. After work she has to take care of her children and help them with all their problems.

C. She has to take care of the house, cleaning, cooking, laundry, to buy all the groceries.

D. She have to prepare her home work, or studies in university for tomorrow.

E. She has to take care of the sexual needs of her husband every night for 30 - 40 years.

If we will add all the loads of the modern Woman including the sexual pressure every day to make love to her husband and to establish sex every night she will wear out so quickly and be disgusted from sex relation for ever.

There is no female animal in nature that has such a busy schedule as the modern woman

There is no doubt that the modern woman is the most sexually exploited female in nature. Nobody will be able to appeal on that determination.

To satisfy the sexual needs of the modern MAN is a hard task. It is Impossible for the modern woman to provide sex every night, for 30 -40 years. From here start most of the problems that characterize the modern marriage.

No female animal in nature have such pressures as the modern woman. Most of the female in nature are free from the sexual demands of the male, because sex relations are limited only to the heat season only then they are ready to accept the male.

There is no reason and no justification to require so much sex from the Woman, for a simple reason , the marriage will not last.

The difference between the modern Woman and the Woman in the past

The great resources of energy that the modern woman requires, leads her to run an insane rhythm of life.

A Big role (manage a career) requires also big responsibility that leads her to more and more concerns. At home the children are waiting for her and they also demands a great deal of energy. There is also house work that the Woman must at least inspect that everything will be done properly.

The Woman also concerns to the expanded family of old parents that she should worry for them, brother, sister with all kind of problems.

We almost forgot, in every good family there is also a husband. No wonder that the husband become last in the priority of the family, but the modern woman does not have any time left for him. There for the husband is the last to be accounted and he feels neglected.

The life of the Woman in the past was so much easier in spite of all the stories that feminist women will tell you. The woman in the past had quiet and secure life, that the modern Woman can not dream about it.

It is very clear that in the year 2000 marriage is in very deep crisis. The question that is in asked if the modern woman is fit for marriage at all.

It is true that the modern women has a great deal of opportunities, that she has much money, respect, and interest in life. As you know "There are not meals free of charge" and a change particular like this has big disadvantages that causes a lot of new family problems and divorces.

Nowadays many women choose not to live with a mate, and choose to be celibacy or single parent, because marriage establishment the marriage institution is sick.

Therefore we can envy the lives of the women and men in the past, there was no equality between men and women and there was no problems and difficulties as we can see to day.

What is the difference between the sexual pressure of men and women

The sexual pressure is a type of wear and tear of sex, in which the MAN presses the Woman to have sex, without her desire to establish any sexual contact. The results of this pressure is the wear and tear of the sexual relation between the sexes :

The Woman postpones or avoids sex, she makes difficult conditions and causes a lot of problems that lately created conflicts and quarrels around the subject.

Example of the sexual pressure of men :

If a young man in the age 20 will try to establish sex 8 times a every day, he will wear out quickly.
If a young MAN in the age 30 will try to establish sex 5 times a every day, he will wear out quickly .
If a healthy MAN in the age 60 will try to establish sex 2 times every day , could be that he will wear out, or that he will not succeed.

Example of the sexual pressure of women :

If a young women in the age between 20 - 25 will try to establish sex, more than twice a week, she will wear out quickly after a short time of marriage.

After giving birth to a child this women avoids sex, and looses every interest in the subject. This women reports to the medical centers that sex relations creates for them exhaustion, headache, deep frustration and hard feeling of sexual exploitation from side of their mate (husband or boyfriend).

Explanation was given in previous chapters that
"Natural child birth causes the woman sexual disablement"

Nowadays it is clear that marriage is in deep crisis.
The question that is asked is, if the modern Woman that is capable to be a good partner for marriage

What kind of partnership should the man establish with her in order not to ruin :

A. The lives of the married couple.

B. The lives of their children.

C. The lives of their parents.

D. All the authorities of the state are collapsing under the big pressure of the ruined families that do not know to solve and settle their marriage problems.

In the past the Woman had a good life, and she had a happy marriage, her husband never complaint. In conclusion we learn that the reason for divorces was negligible. The MAN was not so atrocious violent.

The question is :

why the modern women is so excited to get marry. Who would want to enter to such a bad life, even the most stupid and ignorant woman would not like to get in to such an establishment.

The answer is :

The modern woman is not serious about the marriage, and not interested in a lasting marriage. She is only interested to exploit the man, and later to get rid of him.

The proof is :

At the beginning of the marriage the modern woman acts and behave like a good and normal wife, after few years when the married couple is established, suddenly she changes and she is not happy from her husband.

She wants to suck out only the good things of her marriage. She throws the husband out of the house, and she cleans her husband out, of his money with the help of the authorities.

She takes :

the children, all the house and the content, and the rest of the asset and what is left of her marriage.
In addition she gets from her ex husband alimony and child support until his children become 18 years old.

(In the next chapters will be explained the conspiracy of the modern woman, and how she succeeds to plan her marriage, so that the man always looses every thing he got)

This is the answer why the modern woman is so excited to get married.

The faith and the assurance of the MAN in the modern woman is totally blind, and the result of their marriage is very poor and the divorce is inevitable.

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