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Best wishes to the party of MEN in Israel "RAASH   2003".

The team of the website "ROXET" want to hold hands to the party of "THE RIGHTS OF MEN" towards the new elections that come. A party that chose to better the condition and poor life of the Israeli man.

Need to hope that in the day of the elections no MAN will forget who will fight and who will protect his rights when the man will face the war of divorce.

It's worthwhile to remember that the percent of the divorce rate nowadays stands on 50 % percent, and it is only getting worse.

The situation of every MAN that divorces is very bad, the relation that debases and the cruelty that he gets from all the institutions and the establishments of the government that will handle his divorce will cause him to tremendous mental, economic and social crisis.

It's worthwhile to know that percent of Women that falsely accuse on MEN rises from year to year on :

A. Plots of rape, plots of violence, plots of sexual harassment is in a continuous rise.

As a result from the legislation of the new laws very few MEN succeeded to be innocent in court. In any case like this, they ruined the life and dignity of the MAN.

The inquiries in the police, the advertisings in the communication, in the near environment and in the workplace, and the continuous hearings in court for continuous number of months, or number of years that can ruin also the most strong men.

Also if the MAN wins in court still the damage that was caused to him is irreversible, the pain and the humiliation will accompany him for a long time.

Clear that only exquisite lawyer that costs tens and hundred thousands of dollars can only in some of the cases credit the MAN from all guilt, and to prevent a penalty of imprisonment of many years in the jail. In most of the cases the courts believe only to Women.

B. MEN are required to pay payments of alimony of a stolen sperm, for a child that was taken from him by deceit. To raise a child in Israel until age 18 will cost to a MAN at least $ 160,000 Dollars.

In any case of a stolen sperm the MAN will lose a financial amount that will enable him to acquire an apartment of 4 rooms in every city in Israel.

Interesting case in which the Crook is not accused and is not brought to justice on the contrary she wins in a financial tremendous prize, and also has the gratification of raising a child for all her life.

If the rhythm of the legislation of laws versus every MEN in Israel will not be stopped, with in a short time all the relations of every MAN with a Woman will become dangerous and traumatic. Even to day the situation is very dangerous when dating a modern woman.

Many naive men lacking knowledge about the modern woman paid a very high price only on account that they didn't know the new laws, and the new rules that is required in every meeting with the modern woman.

Behind every case of divorce and behind every case of single parent mother.

Their is a sad story of an abject man that is required to pay forcibly by law fees of alimony during 18 years in the total amount of $ 160,000 dollar.

On day in which the MAN for any reason will not be able to pay the monthly payment or part of the alimony payments, with in a short time contravened an order of detention to the period of 21 days in prison in the first time, or 42 days accumulated.

In Israel only men who do not pay alimony payments are arrested. A MAN who owes $ 10,000,000 Dollar :
To the banks, to his employees, to his suppliers, or debts for his house, there is no legal possibility to arrest him.

There is aphorism that says a judgment of one Dollar has the same meaning and the same judgment of hundredth of Dollars.

In which rationale way it's possible to convince the public in Israel, that a MAN that owes money of 10 million Dollar to hundred or thousands of companies and private people, when he proclaims on bankruptcy. The court determines and estimates his ability to pay all his debts a ridiculous amounts of hundred and maybe thousands of solitary shekels.

A. When a MAN is divorced, or a MAN that his sperm was stolen can not pay the payments of alimony or some of the payments, he immediately goes to prison for 21 days or 42 days.

Many men go to prison many times a year because they do not have the ability to pay big amounts of alimony.

B. In contrast to a MAN that owes money to hundred and thousands of companies and private people and proclaims bankrupt, where as the MAN that must pay alimony do not get the same settlement and the same judgment as the man above.

Debts of alimony will be treated by the social security and the bureau of foreclosure.

The debts to the social security never erased, they don't have discounts, they do not recognize in any order of settlement, if they will not succeed to collect all the debit and all the monies that they paid to your divorcee or to the thief of your sperm to raise your children including maximum rate of interest, they will wait for the
MAN 10 - 30 years.

On day in which the MAN will reach at the age 65 and he will retire to pension, he will arrive at the offices of the social security, and over there will wait for him an unpleasant surprise.

Every MAN that did not pay his debts to the social security, I beg him hurry for an arrangement or to the settlement of payments, because on the day that you will be sick or an old man, and you will not be able to get a JOB, on this day social security will get even with you, and believe me he will not pay you until you paid the last Dollar that you owe them.

It is very sad that MEN that were hurt in a critical way from Women are afraid nowadays also after many years to tell the story of their lives.

In Israel are raised a young generation of MEN who are naive and are oblivious to the many dangers that develop in every meeting with the modern Woman :

In the workplace, or in military service, or in an affair of love. On marriage relation there is no need to specify, things are very clear.

According to the laws that exist in every situation and in any case the father must pay the payments of the alimony to his Woman and also to his children :

The court can commit the divorcee or the woman to let the father see his children.

The court also can force and threaten the divorcee or the woman by reducing the alimony payments, and more, but these cases are very rare. In reality the court does not do any thing for a simple reason, they do not want to hurt the lives and the development of the children.

A. A man that the Woman or his divorcee is unwilling to show him his children during number of months or number of years, also a father like this must pay every payments of the alimony and every remainder of the debts and payments to his children.

B. Also a father that the Woman or his divorcee :
Creates conflicts, quarrels, and access as contravened false complaints in the police, her goal is to disconnect him from his children. Also in all this cases the father must pay to his children.

In any case the father must pay alimony support for his children :
Also for the time that the father was in prison, or at the time that the father was sick in the hospital, or at the time when the father was living in an other state.

We need to understand that the child consume :
Food, clothing, books, and special lessons also when the father was in prison, or he was sick in the hospital, or living in another country.

The child does not stop to eat or stop to consume clothing because the father can not support him.
There for the debts of the father accumulates also at the time that he can not pay alimony for his children.

A. For all the thousands of MEN in Israel that suffer from their Woman also many years after the divorce it is recommended to continue and to pay all the payments of alimony.

B. If you will not act according all the laws will remain debts and will be operated versus you :

Your divorcee will continue to ruin your life, and your relations with the children. You will continue to pay all the payments of the alimony that you pay without receiving any minimal return of consideration for all the tens and hundred thousands of dollars that you pay to your children.

Undoubtedly that the party of the rights of MEN will agree to cooperate and to expose in front of the media some of the sad stories that accumulated at their place in the office over the years :

A. In the subject of women physically and mental abuse men.

B. In the subject of Women exploiting MEN.

C. In the subject of the cynical use that so many Women in Israel use the courts and the police versus the MAN, when it is clear for every professional person that the MAN is the victim.

Improbable situation in which all the media in the last 20 years is interest only in the stories of MEN that hurt Women, there are tens thousands of stories in which Women hurt and abuse MEN.

Start to advertise all the truth.

Every MAN in a certain stage of his life must get hurt from a Woman in the critical way more than one time.

The public of MEN in Israel and in the world divisible to, 2 groups :

A. The first group is total of MEN :
That their lives were ruined completely after the divorce, or after the Woman accused him falsely on false plot, or stole his sperm. These man that learned on their flesh pain and anguish that the modern Woman can cause.

B. The second group is total of MEN :
Young men that in the near future will learn all the "charms" and all the "magic" and all the manipulations of the modern woman.

MEN that believe in the false equality of feminism, these men will pass the hardest mental economic crisis.

Undoubtedly that a MAN who believes in feminism, as an equality between men and women, that feminism will contribute and will advance him, MAN that believe that the feminists woman will protect on his rights. These men will be surprised to find out that they are chased by the law just like all the MEN.

The rehabilitation of these men will be long and most complex because after they will give their Woman or their divorcee :

The house, the children, all the mutual assets and the company, or the company that was established by his parents, he will discover that the Woman only want to avenge and only want to ruin his life.

How it might be a situation in which the MAN still loves his Woman or his divorcee, he respects her and the children that are mutual, he helps her in all his ability, and she only wants to avenge and to ruin his life. Thereon we will learn in the next files soon.

Dear MAN !!!
When you contribute from your money or to the party of rights of MEN, and when you choose to vote to the party of MEN.

Believe me that you contribute mainly to yourself and to your close friends of yours. No party, and no insurance company will be able to give you security, on the day that the Woman will decide to ruin your life.

Dear !!!
JACOB   SHLOSSER   chairman of the party of men's rights.

I met JACOB at first in the office of bureaucratic movement to the rights of MAN in the Family by the year of 1992.

In the last 10 years I was impressed by JACOB. We are speaking about a MAN who is dependable, decent, and a real professional in the Israeli law, the economic and the mental situation of the troubled man.

A MAN that left a successful career for personal reasons and chose to invest all his life in the help and in the rehabilitation of thousands of MEN that their lives were ruined on account of a Woman who is revengeful and heart less.

A Woman that for different peculiar reasons chose in general from her initiative to end her marriage, and to cause her husband to an irreversible damages.

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Dear !!!
The team of the site "ROXET" will be happy to contribute and to support your activity also after the elections election.