Warning :
this study is destined to doctors and explores in medicine of child birth. Only in the future and only after the subjects of the study will be examined thoroughly it will be recommended to the wide public - what is preferable :
"natural child birth" or birth by a Caesarean operation.


Natural child birth causes Women sexual disability to enjoy sex.

Women that enjoyed sex before the pregnancy, and after giving birth to a child desisted to enjoy sex and having orgasm after the birth. Therefore we should concentrate in the process of natural child birth, as factor that damage the enjoyment of sexual gratification. Natural child birth causes Women sexual disability to enjoy sex.

Caesarean operation

Nowadays most women give birth by natural child birth. This type of birth has many disadvantages :
A. Development of the medicine enables Woman to pass a caesarean operation with anesthesia in the easy comfortable way. It might be that it is about time to alleviate the pain that women suffered from natural child birth.

B. Natural birth ruins the structure of the vagina, so that it will never return to its original form. This is not a natural birth because when the doctors use the knife and they operate in the "cut of the partition", and they stitches back the vagina. This is not a natural child birth.

C. The passage of the baby in the vagina grows hundreds percent in a short time. This causes to a dissociation and cuts of small blood vessels and to a dissociation of nerve system. This injury causes to the partial or full loss of sensations and sensitivities in the area of the vagina.

Thing that will unable Women in the future to have any sexual satisfaction, or to achieve any orgasm.

D. Additionally also "cut of the partition" and the stitches is a factors to the damage, as that cut that it is several centimeter, deep and stitches in an instead area so sensitive, and loaded with blood vessels and nerves.

All of these factors causes to the paralysis of the sensation in the lower area of the vagina. This damage is irreversible, and causes to sexual disability or fill any sexual enjoyment.

In an attempt to enjoy sex, and in particular if women want to achieve an orgasm we must preserve the opening of the vagina, and child birth must be done in another way.

Only primitive tribes use to "cut" and hurt women in the opening of the vagina

There is not any justifiable reason to cut with knife and to use stitches in an area so sensitive and vital, why not to cut, and to use stitches in the area less sensitive for example :
In one of the numerous areas that is in the stomach.

From the historical examination it is known only that primitive tribes use to cut and hurt the opening of the vagina. They chose to do so because They knew that they are going to hurt the Woman, and cause her a sexual disability and irreversible damage. this was also their intention, according to their tradition and their religion.

In the comparison between the sexes, what would happen to a MAN in the similar process of birth

For example :
it is interesting if the sexuality of the MAN was hurt if they would try to deliver only a palm of baby passage man's penis (it is not a complete baby). It would be impossible.

Or if there were operations of deep cuts of several centimeters in his penis (cock), clear that it would caused him a big damage and irreversible sexual disability.

For example :
At men if situated little stone in the urine system immediately we internalizes them to the hospital for examination or to the hospitalization until up to the expense of the stone out of his penis.

The human body is not built of substances that are so elastic

which kind of tissue :
Flesh (meat) blood vessel, or nerve, bone, hair, skin and toenail can be stretched in the hundred percent, in such short time , without causing in them damage that is irreversible.

The damages of birth

In the last months of pregnancy, there are big pressures in the inner organs of Woman's body.
The results :
A. From volume and weights of the baby, the placental and the benign fluids.

B. At birth when woman is in labor, formidable pressures are operated in an attempt to push the baby outside the vagina.

At birth the Woman's and body organs passes the ability edge of boundary. In the future it will cause damages of birth such as :

A fall of inner limbs such as :
A. Uterus (womb), a fall of pocket of the urine, the fall of the rectum.

B. A leakage of urine :
As a result from effort, coughing of laughter.

C. The departure of the baby from the vagina causes a crush and the tears of all the limbs in the vagina and around like :

Conduit of the vagina, the bottom of the basin, the uterus and pocket of the urine. All of this organs are being crushed during the delivery of the baby.

D. In particular would be aggravated the situation by a hard complex of births, or big babies and the use of devices of birth, that doctors use in complicated child birth.

There is an excellent website in the subject. http://www.ethiconinc.com/facts/women/index.htm


Depression after birth

Also in this subject can come an improvement, when birth is done in the caesarean operation. because the Woman is not required to pass any pains and any upper efforts, in an attempt to give birth in a natural way to a baby.

There is no doubt that the group of women that got depression after child birth that (can cause a lot of damage to the woman and her baby) were smaller significantly and statistics in contrast to women that gave birth by caesarean operation.

The benefit to Women that give birth by a caesarean operation are saving :
Suffer, pain, fear, and helpless, that continuous sometimes many hours in the natural birth, will be saved by caesarean operation .

It's possible to examine the statistic in the last year, or in the last years, of women that gave birth by caesarean operation, compared with the women that gave birth by natural birth.

In which group the situation and statistics of the women was better.

Injury in the nerve system of the brain

In the time of a cerebral stroke / cerebral attack does not arrive blood to the nerves in the brain as a result :
A. From breakthrough (wounding) of blood vessel in the brain.

B. In Additional possibility of a blockage of blood vessel in the brain, or a blockage of blood vessel that leads blood to the brain.

C. In the two of these cases that area in the brain, where blood does not arrive the blood simply lakes, and all groups of the nerves system in that area will die. That area also will be paralysis and will suffer from loss of functioning in the same members that they were supposed to operate.
For example :
If certain area in the brain that is responsible on the right side of the Body will not receive the essential blood it cause that area to die. The nerves in the same area in the brain, will result by partial or full paralysis , and disability of the man or woman to operate the right side of his body that would be hurt.

A renewal of the supply of the proper blood to the brain in most of the cases will not help and the man will remain disabled and paraplegic (cripple).
Only rehabilitative and long treatment will be able to return the man to partial or full functioning.

The importance of nerve system

As known all the sexual gratification and the orgasm happen absolutely only in the brain.
The nerve system are the threads that connect all the sensations that between the vagina and the brain such as :
The sensation of gratification, or a sensation of pain, a sensation of heat or cold.

The destruction of the vagina and tears of birth

When speaking on tears of birth we speak actually on :
A. Laceration of tool of nerve system in the area of the vagina.

B. Laceration of blood vessel in the area of the vagina, and causing exterior inner hemorrhages in the area of the vagina.

C. The exterior hemorrhages and cut off the blood supply to the vital area will cause losses, to the nervous System functioning in the area of the vagina.

Therefore in the same areas where the blood will not arrive to the nervous System, in these areas all the nerves will be dead. Something that will cause to the loss of sensation and to the incapability of sexual functioning in the area of the vagina.

D. After birth the Woman does not receive any treatment or connection of the nerves systems of the nerves that were ripped, or they were paralyzed / died as a result of lack of blood. In the aftermath of the hemorrhages, after birth the doctor stitches "the cut of the partition" and other damages in the area.

Also subject that the inner limbs, that were crushed in the aftermath during departure of the baby out of the vagina does not receive any medical treatment. These are the factors that it will cause the Woman damages of natural birth in the future and in an older age . In the future will result in fall of the inner limb members, and a leakage of urine during body efforts like caring heavy weights :
like caring heavy weights.

E. The comparison between the two types of injures in the nerves systems of the vagina and the nerves system of the brain :

A. A renewal of the supply of the blood to the brain does not repair the damage that was caused to the nerves system. Therefore the treatment of people with paralysis of the brain is basic long rehabilitation that takes a few months and after treatment the patient does not recover completely in most cases.

B. Also renewal of blood supply to the nerves system of the vagina does not repair the damage that was caused to the nerves system, because by that time the nerves system would be dead and with it would die the sensation to fill any sexual orgasm or any sexual excitement.

Therefore advisable to choose the method of giving child birth that will not cause damages of the type that Was reminded before.

Why a young girl in the year, 2000 that did not give birth to a child, should pass such a mental and physically trauma so hard and so unnecessary.
A caesarean operation under partial anaesthesia that continuous 30 minutes in average that can benefit a Woman and can contribute to her health in the future.

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