This letter is directed to all the big credit card companies in the
United States.

Recently I requested to be accepted as a business customer by the credit Cards companies in Israel, in order that i can offer parts from the site by payment.

A company of one credit card told me that they are not interested to add business customers on the internet, because they were hurt by crooks and cheats.

My question is :
Is there to day an economic company that all kind of crooks and cheat do not try to cheat them ?
Does these companies stop to accept new customers, or these companies tighten and better their security system ?

The rest of the of the credit cards companies simply evaded and ignored all my telephone referrals, and every fax that i sent them.

A. I am ready to offer you any information that is necessary in order to show you that we are speaking in a straight decent citizen.

B. The substance in the site was examined, and was published in all the big honorable sites search in the world.

Please print the letters :
ROXET in the website search, that is located in the next website :


www.CNN.COM               www.AOL.COM



I must thank to all the administrative sites and to all the rest of the workers that helped to demonstrate the site.

I must thank also to all the administrative sites and their workers, which I didn't point their names.

On every problem that the feminist movement solved, they created 20 new problems.

The feminist movement is encouraging women to divorce, that is how created a sick society a society that ruins their lives and the future of most of their children.

I don't have any intention to specify and explain to you on the files that will appear in the future, therefore I will try to abbreviate in short explanations.

A. The movement of feminism encouraged women to be independent, the independence of the Woman lead her to ask the question why do I need a man ?

B. After these questions the Woman removed her husband from the house and separated the father from his children forever.

C. The Woman indeed solved to herself the problem, but the next question is how many new problems the Woman created at the time that she divorced from her husband ?

The disposal of her husband from the house destroyed the childhood of all the children in the family, and the results are coming soon :

A. How many children suffer from psychological psychiatric hard difficult problems, some of them try to commit suicide ?

B. How many children become criminal, some of them become difficult addicts cases of drugs, addicted to alcohol, addicted to glue all kind of gases and more ?

C. How many children run away from home and become homeless and sell their body and become prostitutes, some of them got killed some of them join street gang, most of these children are not surviving and do not reach to the age 18.

They die from diseases because they do not receive medical care. They die from wounding of street fighting, they die from cold neglect and hunger.

D. There are children that in spite of the crisis of the difficult divorce that they experienced they did not deteriorated and did not run away from home.

E. Opposite to them stand a very large group of children that collapsed and also were mentally broken, and the trauma of the divorce of their parents destroyed all their life and all their future.

There are in the world very few researchers and experts, in this field that they have :
The knowledge, experience, the economic ability, and the courage to advertise criticism on the feminist revolution.

Every researcher or expert that writes and advertises articles and critical studies on the feminist movement must have several qualities and several conditions.

A. A researcher of feminism must have a comprehension of knowledge and experience in several areas like :
Psychology, psychiatry, medicine, knowledge in laws, knowledge in children education, history, religion subjects, and preferable that researcher like this will have knowledge in a few more areas of course in feminism.

B. A researcher like this must have sources of income and he must be economic independent, because differently after he advertises his first article or his first study it's possible that he would be fired from his job, or to stop his advancement and his career, and then he will remain without any sources of income.

C. Bravery !
This is a rare quality, a researcher like this must ignore all the threats and the criticism against him, and forbidden him to give up to the pressures that come from his Woman, his children, or his friends.

D. A researcher like this must have an obsession and addiction to the field of feminism, we are talking in many hours of work and endless thinking in the subject that would be sanctify to the goal of how to prove and how to explain to the public his arguments and his thoughts.

E. An obsession and addiction like this can be developed only from accumulation of a lot of angers, that was crystallized over many years of research.

Every opening of a new business on the internet commits the owner of the site to apply to the credit cards companies, forbidden to these credit companies to postpone him by false claims and to prevent from a straight decent citizen to open his business.

I will be very thankful to you if you will apply to these credit card companies in Israel, and encourage them to cooperate with the website ROXET.ORG
in order that i can demonstrate to the public :

A. All the crimes of the feminist movement against the western society, specially against children and against men who are fathers to children.

B. All the ugly and cruel sides of the feminist revolution, specially what they are trying to hide from the public.

Your cowards and liars researchers and experts, which are also afraid of their wives and are terrorized by women organization are afraid to tell you the truth.

That is why they publish false researches and articles in family affairs and that is the reason that soon you will get a 100 % divorce women or single parent mothers.

These kind of professionals "RESEARCHERS and EXPERTS" :
"CREAT" for you all the problems in the family, and than they help you to "SOLVE" all your problems.

The feminist movement with the help of these "EXPERTS" in the field of family affair

In human history there is not known on any revolution or any movement that caused to such a war with in the family.

Also in the animal kingdom in nature, there is not known on such wars between males and females.

The war between the sexes must be stop, your professionals "researchers and experts" can not give a true and proper solutions in order to prevent the family from a total disaster.