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It's possible to reduce the divorce rate by,
82 % percent.

According to statistics of the organization "New Family", that was advertised in the Israeli magazine "Laisha" (the Woman) in the date 5/6/2002 we get the data that come :
91 % percent of the divorce cases in Israel, are initiated by women.

I.e. only in rare cases 9 % of men initiate the divorce.

Society must try and compare between the desire of men to divorce that stand according to statistic on 9 %, and the desire of women to divorce that stand nowadays on 91 %.

If society will succeed to create an equality between the desire of men to divorce and the desire of women to divorce, than we will receive a situation in which only 9 % percent of men initiated a divorce, and only 9 % percent of the women initiated a divorce.

At this point we can add the number of men that want to divorce which is 9%, to the number of women that want to divorce which is also 9 %, we will receive an amount of 18 % of men and women that initiated equally the divorce rate.

The percent of the divorce rate will be reduced only to 18 % percent instead of 100 % percent nowadays, than we are speaking in the decrease of 82 % percent of the divorce rate.

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Society with the help of new laws must stop the strong desire and the negative initiative of women to divorce.

If women will fear to divorce, the divorce rate will decline by 82 % percent. The only loss will be that the woman /wife will not be able to divorce her husband and fall in love with an other man.

The advantages at this point are tremendous :

A. The family will not be destroyed to pieces and the marriage institution will be saved.

B. The husband will be able to raise his children, and he will not have to leave his children, at the same time he will stop from a new man to enter to the life of his wife and become a step father to his children.

C. The husband will be able to remain at home in which he invested all his life savings which will contribute to the stability of his life and the stability of his children that will not have to experience the trauma of the divorce.

D. The parents of the couple know that there is problems in the marriage of their children, but in which family there are no problems in their marriage.

The thing is that it is most natural that their children have marriage problems at home, still there is a man in the house that worries and support their grandchildren, there for it is not good enough reason to divorce.

E. To all the state institutions there will be less problems and many resources of budgets will be saved to all the institutions that is involved in the crisis of divorce, and in the institutions of welfare that takes care of the single parent families.

Forbidden to enable such a sick situation in which there is a big and serious gap between the desire of men to divorce and the desire of women to divorce.

According to the new law if the family court will find out that woman initiated and demand from her husband a divorce, this woman will not be able to get any alimony or child support from her husband or any support from the state.

The social message to women must be very clear the result will be that many women will not choose to divorce and one more family will be saved from divorce.

Forbidden to enable for every wife that does not loves her husband to divorce, this is not good enough reason that justifies to dismantle and break a family.

Many men stop loving their wives, even so they respect the marriage institution and they do not divorce their wives.

Every family have problems and every Person has personal problem, improbable situation in which as a result of several quarrels the wife will request to divorce.

Forbid to society to permit and enable the wife to divorce so easily.

In most divorce cases nowadays the solution of the courts is to expel and remove the husband from the house and his children.

The solution of these laws causes to much bigger and complex problems for all the family members and in particular to the children.

Every woman that does not want any problems and fights with her husband, it is recommended to her not to get marry.

Every parliament in the world knows how to enact laws in order to require and obligate the public to change their behavior or way of life.

A. In many states their is a negative phenomenon of some citizens that do not want to work for their survival. These citizens learned how to exploit the laws in order to get more and more budgets and grants from the state.

B. In some of these states the parliaments began an operation
"THE WISCONSIN PROGRAM", this program revoked and stop all the budgets of welfare and obligate these citizens to get a job and to work or learn, also if it is against their desire.

In many cases these laws succeeded to get the people back to the line of work even though that these citizens for many years refused to go to work.

C. In many states enacted stiff laws versus air pollution, land pollution , and water pollution.

All the companies that was suspected in violating the environmental pollution was brought to trial and charged in court.

In many cases these laws helped the public and avoided big environmental pollution. .

D. Many parliaments enacted laws versus citizens that smoke in public places and were fined in heavy fines.

These laws helped the nonsmokers to inhale the smoke of contaminated air of cigarettes.

Every parliament have the power to stop the desire and the initiative of the wife to divorce.

Society must get professional guidance and fight in the feminist revolution, it's possible to correct feminism by professional experts, enforcing new laws and with the help of the public.

Every woman can respect and honor her husband. All feminist women can change and become better women to their husband, and better mothers to their children.

Every woman/wife could be a good angel from heaven , a righteous woman /wife, and every woman /wife can become a DEATH ANGEL, SATAN woman/wife , that depends what society wants their women to be.

In all times of human history, in every nation in the past and in every religion women had to respect their husband and were good partners to their husband and good mothers to their children.

The simple conclusion from this disappointing failure of the feminist revolution, is that only the masculine sort of men are fit to lead society and in all family issue.

Society must get back to sort masculine type men all the authorities, with the help of new laws and by all means in order that, only men will manage the world, and only men will manage the institution of marriage.

All the new inventions and the new development that contributed to the feminist revolution became a social holocaust, and do not have any justification to continue going this wrong way.

The feminist revolution succeeded in the last 40 years to ruin and destroy the institution of marriage to little pieces to create a sick society ,single parent mothers and miserable children with no real father at home.

All the experiences and attempts to cure the marriage institution failed and it is only getting worse society must change the attitude against the feminist revolution.

A. Society must expel and remove all feminist organization from outside the law system.

B. Society must put on trial all feminists organization, to accuse and charge them in all the crimes of the destruction of marriage institution.

The modern man is a very weak man, and lack the knowledge of all the lies, manipulation, and conspiracy of the feminist revolution.

A. The result is that modern men nowadays are terrified and very afraid that their woman/ wife will throw and remove them out of the house, or will leave them and fall in love with an other man.

B. Why so many men fear and are terrified from their women ?
Is this the good news of the feminist equality ?

The feminist women will not agree to change so easy and become a better women.

Strong CITICISM and strong PRESSURE from society will help the feminist woman to be a better woman to her husband and a better devoted mother to her children, society must demand this.

Society must enforce the feminist woman to change and become a better woman. You do not have to agree to live according this egoistic terms. This is not a healthy equal and true marriage !!!

Are going to hurt all of us, especially in the young generation.

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